Beer Links: Release Calendars for Sierra Nevada, Stone, and More

Since it’s the end of the year, many breweries are releasing their calendar of releases for 2018. Sierra Nevada, Stone, Founders and Iron Horse breweries have recently published theirs.

Founders Brewing

The big news from Founders is they are releasing Dirty Bastard and Breakfast Stout year-round; it looks like Backwoods Bastard could be moving that way in 2019, since it’s available from March through the end of the year.

I’m hoping Azacca IPA and Mosaic Promise are wide releases; I don’t recall seeing those before and they seem interesting.

Sierra Nevada Brewing

While the year-round offerings don’t show it, Sierra Nevada has confirmed that the Porter and Stout will still be released; although they will be distributed at a lower volume. They have also stated they will have a Kolsch come out later in the year as part of variety pack.

Hazy Little Thing appears to be a new one that I want to try; New England IPAs are my favorite style right now and I’d like to see what SN could do with one. The Hop Packs also are some that I might pick up, if they are in Missouri.

Stone Brewing

Unsurprisingly, Stone’s calendar is filled with IPAs. Pretty much everything shown is an IPA, except for their 3 stouts and their pale ale. It’s not a complaint; they have found their niche as an IPA brewery and they have all been pretty good.

I’m most excited for their special releases – both the double IPAs and stouts. While w00tstout is has underwhelmed me the last 2 years, I keep hoping it gets better.

Iron Horse Brewery
Iron Horse is a small brewery in Washington, but I thought some might be interested in seeing what they have.

I’ve never had anything from here, but I wouldn’t be against trying their beer (really, there isn’t a beer that I wouldn’t try). The most appealing seem to be the Irish Death, Hand Cannon, Gramps Hazy IPA, and Crazy Aunt IPA.

Are you a brewery and want your release calendar published? Email us and we’ll get it on the website.

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