Beer Review: Logboat Dark Matter

There was a blind taste test coming up at a family event and I wanted to throw a wrench in it by getting a hard style to guess. Seeing Logboat’s Dark Matter Wheat Porter, I decided that could be a fun one.

ABV: 6.00%
IBU: 25
Style: American Porter
Brewery Description: Dark Matter is dosed up with wheat malt to give it a smooth, subtle breadiness and extra body. Dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavors meld like thermonuclear plasma. We enjoy drinking Dark Matter while eating brownies, cranking M. Monoceros on the stereo, and thinking about portals.
Pairs well with candy bars, pudding and peanut butter cookies. Smoke a brisket and pour a Dark Matter, victory!

I purchased a 6 pack of cans and poured it into a standard pint glass.

Appearance: The beer poured a dark brown with a good finger worth of tan head. There was faint retention of head and very little lacing.

Smell: The bready malt and roasted malt are the primary smells, but the wheat is there as well. There are also hints of chocolate and some coffee, but they are pretty subdued.

Taste: The malts are pretty prevalent and there is more chocolate and coffee taste than smell. The wheat is there, but it’s easy to miss.

Mouth: This is not as thick as many normal porters and the medium body translates into a drinkable beer. The medium carbonation helps with this. It’s very enjoyable for people that don’t enjoy a bitter beer.

Overall: Well worth checking out. The beer is drinkable and has an interesting combination of tastes. It also gets better as it warms up. Rating: 4.00 out of 5.

The Beer Advocate score is 3.86 and it’s rated #17,343. Untappd has it as 3.86 with over 2279 ratings.

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