Beer Review: Logboat Flybye

On a trip to a Mizzou game, I sought out a beer from Columbia for tailgating. Since Logboat Brewing was pretty reliable in the past, I grabbed their latest Saison.

ABV: 5.50%
IBU: 12
Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Brewery Description: “Brewed for our 2nd anniversary, Flybye is a farmhouse ale fermented with yeast sourced from the Wallonian region of Belgium. It has bright citrus notes and a subtle, funky phenolic character to the aroma. The flavor is fruity citrus with a slight grain sweetness and a crisp, dry finish.

We liked this beer so much that we decided to make it in 2017 and CAN it!!! Look for it on shelves March – May 2017.”

This was purchased in a 6 pack of cans and drank out of a tulip glass.

Appearance: Poured a hazy golden orange with 2 fingers worth of white head. The head disappated pretty quickly and left little lacing.

Smell: The main smell is hearbal and grassy; there are also hints of lemon coming through.

Taste: The lemon is right at the front, along with the grass and some peppery spice. The malt is definitely more present than hops, which I liked for the style.

Mouth: The mouthfeel is very crisp. The pepper gives it a little bite in the finish, but not that bitter bite from hops. The medium body is pretty easy to drink for a while, but the carbonation is a little strong for my taste.

Overall: This is a solid example of a farmhouse ale. The balance is good but it could dial down the carbonation. Rating: 4 out of 5

The Beer Advocate score is 3.95 (in 7 ratings). Untappd has it as 3.71 with 1092 ratings.

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