Music News and Notes: Prophets of Rage, Blink 182, iTunes Music

What do you get when you combined 2 Rap icons with 3/4 of one of the best metal groups around? Blink goes on tour. A warning to iTunes Music users.

Who are the Prophets of Rage?
The Rage Against the Machine’s website recently started a countdown; rather than being for a Rage reunion, it was to promote the Prophets of Rage supergroup.

Rage, minus Zack de la Rocha, will be teaming with Chuck D of Public Enemy and B-Real from Cypress Hill; its reported that they’ll be doing songs from all 3 groups. Imagine Tom Morello playing Hits from the Bong or Shut Em Down.

No details on where they’ll be touring to, outside of the first show in California.

Blink 182 on Tour
A few weeks back, Blink 182 announced their upcoming tour; they’ll hit the road this summer with A Day to Remember and others (yes, they will be hitting St. Louis with the All-American Rejects). Along with that, they released their first single with Matt Skiba replacing Tom DeLonge:

For those that aren’t familiar, Skiba was one of the founding members of the Alkaline Trio and joined Blink when DeLonge was kicked out/left the band (details are sketchy).

iTunes Music has a Glitch
A few weeks ago, an iTunes Music glitch was found: the music on your hard drive could disappear. Some say it’s in the user agreement, while others think this is just an issue in the code of the system. Apple has taken steps to update iTunes to prevent this from happening again.

Video of the Day:
And just because this is a cool video:

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