Star Wars News: Vader, Solo, and Comic Con

Busy day for Star Wars fans, as the news keeps coming around the new movies.

First off, is reporting that there will not be a new preview of The Force Awakens at Comic-Con, nor will they be showing new clips. The Con is typically where studios try to show some new footage or a trailer.

They will be bringing some behind the scenes footage though, along with quite a few cast members. They will also have panels for some of the authors of the new books.

Changing directions to the stand-alone movies, The Hollywood Reporter has heard that The Lego Movie directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord could be helming the second anthology movie, which will focus on a young Han Solo.

It will be awesome to see a young Han go into the Imperial Stormtrooper academy and meet up/free a slaved Chewbacca.

They also noted that this movie will not replace the proposed Josh Trank anthology movie that could feature Boba Fett; Trank is no longer attached to the project, but Disney is looking to move ahead with the project.

Finally, Birth.Movies.Death states Darth Vader will be in Rogue One, although he won’t be the primary villain. No word on who the actual villain is at this point, and we might not know for a while. Disney and Lucas Film has been pretty tight lipped about movie details.

As BMD points out, James Earl Jones voiced Vader on the Star Wars Rebels cartoon movie, so it’s quite probable that he’ll be voicing Vader in the movie.

Rogue One is going to be an important movie in the Star Wars Universe. It’ll be the first attempt at a non-trilogy movie and will have pretty much completely new characters. If they can pull this off, there could be a ton of stand-alone movies.

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