Link Roundup: Superman, Home Runs, and Beer

A look at what’s wrong with Superman movies. MLB fixes the Home Run Derby. Beer trading and festivals.

Figuring out Superman
The public reaction to the recent Superman movies have been mixed. Bryan Singer went too retro with Superman Returns, but Zack Snyder went too dark with Man of Steel. Business Insider nailed the issue. Superman movies needs to focus on the humans while the character tries to embrace humanity.

All Star Superman was a great series, and I think it could transition into a good movie. The tone is pretty different than what we’ve seen in a Superman movie. I’d be curious to see if someone could pull it off.

The Home Run Derby
MLB did a smart thing by changing the Home Run Debry. They changed the format to a head to head competition; 4 AL hitters vs 4 NL hitters in the first round. The results were very positive; anyone who watched said they enjoyed it more.

But how many people watched: 4.9 million viewers. MLB must be happy with that.

Cincinnati’s own Todd Frazier won. The Sporting News honored the winner by showing his Little League World Series Bomb from years ago.

The best story of the night was Albert Pujols interacting with Joc Pederson’s younger brother Champ. After Pederson out slugged Pujols 12-11 in the second round, he was embraced by Pujols; Pujols then grabbed Champ for a hug too. They recap the history of the Pederson’s and the Pujols’ in the article.

A Beer Trading Guide
Did you know there is a beer trading subculture in the beer world? Home Brew Talk gives some pointers on trading. They also link a trading site.

I’ve never traded before, but have considered it to get some out of market beers I want to try.

Upcoming Beer Festival
The 4th Annual Schurcipefones Festival is a craft beer festival in St. Louis on August 2. $30 to try samples from a bunch of brewers (40+ beers). They also have food, music, and activities.

Song of the Day
My wife is addicted to this song, so I’ve become a fan from hearing it so often:

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