Link Roundup: Psylocke, Marvel’s Plan, Concerts, The Punisher, and Suicide Squad

A comic-heavy link day. Olivia Mumm checks in on Psylocke. Marvel releases more All-New, All-Different details. The 21 concerts to see this summer. The Punisher’s role on Daredevil is revealed. Counselors on the set of Suicide Squad.

Psylocke’s got a Sword
It seems that each time someone new is cast in a comic movie, there is always a segment of the nerd population that is unhappy with the casting (me included). It was no different when Olivia Mumm was announced as Psylocke.

Well, she’s working hard to prove those fans wrong. She’s looking pretty good with those swords; much better than Aaron Rodgers in the background.

All-New, All-Different Marvel News
As we get further into Secret Wars, we’re getting more details on what’s coming after. Inside Pulse Comics (aka Comics Nexus) looks at the 9 previously announced titles. Of those, Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen interest me the most. I could also give A-Force a shot, since I’m enjoying the Secret Wars tie in.

Comic Book Resources announced this morning that Contest of Champions will be adding those. The series will have Maestro, Gamora, Venom, Iron Man, and others based off the promotional art. The series is part of the post-Secret Wars continuity and ties into the CoC video game. This interests me more than any of the previously mentioned titles.

They still haven’t announced the details on many of the other promotional art (here and here), which includes X-23 as Wolverine and Old Man Logan.

Fuse Ranks the 21 Best Summer Concert Tours
When it comes to Music Television, I tend to go with Fuse over MTV or VH1; they show more actual music rather than reality shows. Their articles sometimes are down to the level of the latter 2; Exhibit A: The Best Summer Concert Tours.

I like a lot of music, but I’d pass on a majority of the concerts they list. The Foo Fighters would be at the top of my list to see; I’d be down for Fallout Boy/Wiz Khalifa and Weezer as well. Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins would have been cool 15 years ago, but the same could be said about Third Eye Blind/Dashboard Confessional, which I’d try to go to. Taylor Swift could make the list if I’m taking the kids (but not at the report prices).

Imagine Dragons was left off on purpose; not a huge fan and I saw them in concert a few years go. Seeing them once was enough for me.

Shocker: Punisher is a Bad Guy
While Marvel didn’t exactly say it, I was expecting the Punisher to be the main “bad guy” for season 2 of Daredevil. The Playlist is reporting this will be the case.

This is how I see it playing out. There is a rise in mob-related deaths in Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil investigates and discovers Frank Castle; they faceoff mid-season, where Castle handles DD with no problems. The whole idea of the Punisher gets Matt to wonder about what he’s doing. In the end, DD gets the Punisher out of Hell’s Kitchen and doesn’t quite beat criminals to the brink of death after the encounter.

Therapist for Suiciders
In an interview with Adam Beach about Suicide Squad, E! Online is reporting David Ayers is having a psychologist on the set of Suicide Squad. While Ayers wants his actors to become the characters for the movie, he doesn’t want them to get too wrapped up in the roles off-set.

Part of me wonders if this is because of Jared Leto acting like the character of the Joker on and off the set. He reportedly sent a love note and live rat to Margot Robbie, bullets to Will Smith, and a dead hog to the set.

Song of the Day
Ed Sheeran’s music is pretty good. He might also be one of the best at covering songs. This video (although a little long) features “Don’t”, “Loyal”, “No Diggity”, “The Next Episode”, and “Nina”.

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