2015 MLB Draft Order

Since the season has ended, the 2015 draft order is set. Below are the first 3 rounds as of today; there will be some additional picks between the first round and the Competitive Balance Round A picks for free agents with qualifying offers.

Updated: 12/13/2014

11Arizona Diamondbacks
12Houston AstrosCompensation for failure to sign Brady Aiken
13Colorado Rockies
14Texas Rangers
15Houston Astros
16Minnesota Twins
17Boston Red Sox
18Chicago White Sox
19Chicago Cubs
110Philadelphia Phillies
111Cincinnati Reds
112Miami Marlins
113San Diego Padres
114Tampa Bays Rays
115Atlanta Braves
116Milwaukee Brewers
117New York Yankees
118Cleveland Indians
119San Francisco Giants
120Pittsburgh Pirates
121Oakland Athletics
122Kansas City Royals
123Detroit Tigers
124St. Louis Cardinals
125Los Angeles Dodgers
126Baltimore Orioles
127Washington Nationals
128Los Angeles Angels
Compensation29Colorado RockiesFor Michael Cuddyer signing with the Mets
Compensation30Atlanta BravesFor Ervin Santana signing with the Twins
Compensation31New York YankeesFor David Robertson signing with the White Sox
Compensation32San Francisco GiantsFor Pablo Sandoval signing with the Red Sox
Compensation33Pittsburgh PiratesFor Russell Martin signing with the Blue Jays
Compensation34Los Angeles DodgersFor Hanley Ramirez signing with the Red Sox
Compensation35Baltimore OriolesFor Nelson Cruz signing with the Mariners
Comp Balance A36Houston AstrosAcquired from the Marlins in the Jared Cosart trade
Comp Balance A37Colorado Rockies
Comp Balance A38St. Louis Cardinals
Comp Balance A39Milwaukee Brewers
Comp Balance A40San Diego Padres
Comp Balance A41Cleveland Indians
242Arizona Diamondbacks
243Colorado Rockies
244Texas Rangers
245Houston Astros
246Chicago Cubs
247Philadelphia Phillies
248Cincinnati Reds
249Miami Marlins
250San Diego Padres
251Tampa Bay Rays
252New York Mets
253Atlanta Braves
254Milwaukee Brewers
255Toronto Blue Jays
256New York Yankees
257Cleveland Indians
258Seattle Mariners
259Washington NationalsCompensation for failure to sign Andrew Suarez
260Oakland Athletics
261San Francisco Giants
262Pittsburgh Pirates
263Kansas City Royals
264Detroit Tigers
265St. Louis Cardinals
266Los Angeles Dodgers
267Baltimore Orioles
268Washington Nationals
269Los Angeles Angels
Comp Balance B70Cincinnati Reds
Comp Balance B71Seattle Mariners
Comp Balance B72Minnesota Twins
Comp Balance B73Baltimore Orioles
Comp Balance B74Arizona Diamondbacks
375Arizona Diamondbacks
376Colorado Rockies
377Texas Rangers
378Houston Astros
379Minnesota Twins
380Boston Red Sox
381Chicago White Sox
382Chicago Cubs
383Philadelphia Phillies
384Cincinnati Reds
385Miami Marlins
386San Diego Padres
387Tampa Bays Rays
388New York Mets
389Atlanta Braves
390Milwaukee Brewers
391Toronto Blue Jays
392New York Yankees
393Cleveland Indians
394Seattle Mariners
395San Francisco Giants
396Pittsburgh Pirates
397Oakland Athletics
398Kansas City Royals
399Detroit Tigers
3100St. Louis Cardinals
3101Los Angeles Dodgers
3102Baltimore Orioles
3103Washington Nationals
3104Los Angeles Angels
3S105St. Louis CardinalsCompensation for failure to sign Trevor Megill

The following teams forfeited picks for signing free agents who rejected qualifying offers: New York Mets (Michael Cuddyer, original pick 15), Toronto Blue Jays (Russell Martin, 18), Seattle Mariners (Nelson Cruz, 21), Minnesota Twins (Ervin Santana, 39) Boston Red Sox (Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, 40 and 67), and Chicago White Sox (David Robertson, 41).

The following teams could still receive compensation picks: Toronto Blue Jays (Melky Cabrera), Kansas City Royals (James Shields), and Detroit Tigers (Max Scherzer).

Pittsburgh Pirates (Francisco Liriano) and Detroit Tigers (Victor Martinez) did not receive additional picks since they re-signed their players.

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