JULIA BHATT Salutes Her Past With ‘Grab Bag’ EP Out November 17

“Bhatt’s voice shimmers with a diverse use of notes and melodic assembly, informing us of the vibrancy of an organic talent.” – Ladygunn

“[Julia Bhatt] incorporates a wide variety of influences, from The Strokes to Fela Kuti.” – FLOOD 

“The singer-songwriter exudes an energy that refuses to go unnoticed.” – Miami New Times


Salutes Her Past With Grab Bag EP 
Out November 17
Featuring A Mix of Covers and Original Tracks

Cover of Aminé’s “Charmander” Out Now

Julia Bhatt single cover
Julia Bhatt “Charmander” Single Artwork

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 (Miami, FL) — “I used to do ‘grab bags’ on Instagram where I would cover a few random songs, and I did like 100+ of those,” says 21-year-old Miami-based indie artist Julia Bhatt in reference to the title of her upcoming sophomore EP — Grab Bag out independently on November 17, 2023. “Performing songs on Instagram is what launched me into the public eye. So, I decided to call this mix of covers and originals ‘grab bag’ as a tribute to that.”

The first single release is a vibrant rendition of one of her favorite songs right now, Aminé’s “Charmander.” “I love the ‘fuck off’ vibe it gives, and I wanted to replicate it so badly,” she says. “I haven’t really recorded a rap song either, and that’s something I like to do. The energy of Aminé’s words just makes me feel better, I suppose.”

Julia Bhatt’s “Charmander” (Aminé cover)
Offical Video (skating and choreography by Ryan Dunk):

Julia Bhatt - Charmander (Aminé cover) Official Video

Similar to her 2022 debut album (it is what it is), which Loud Women describes as “…like an audio version of Bhatt’s home, Miami: there’s a brightness and clashing of different elements that are necessary for the end product,” this Grab Bag EP shines with Bhatt’s ever expanding gen-Z genre-fluid talent. For this EP, she brilliantly intertwines her original tracks (the melancholic, pensive “For The World” and the forlorn, cathartic “Time”) with the luminescent interpretations of Aminé’s “Charmander” and Broox’s “Mom.”

Bhatt says this EP is a result of taking a break from music because she felt like it was “more of a necessity to get the songs out” than anything. However, these songs are ones that had come to her “very naturally” and “peacefully,” which she says doesn’t usually happen. “As soon as they were written, I recorded them immediately so I wouldn’t change them too much. The covers are also songs that I couldn’t get out of my head until I played them. They all represent where I’m at right now – a little lost, a little sad, but still going. They make me happy when I listen to them.”

Julia Bhatt album cover
grab bag
EP artwork by: 
Anna Bhatt

“I’m honestly just proud of the EP, itself,” she says. “I find people never know what genre to put me in, and this will increase confusion!! I never like to stick to one genre since there are so many beautiful ones out there. This is me exploring that without having to stick to a certain image people may have of my music.”


  1. Charmander” (Aminé cover)
  2. “For The World”
  3. “Mom” (Broox cover)
  4. “Time”

From September 2019 to early March 2020, Julia was in a whirlwind of life-changes: she released her first three singles (“Tall,” “Marco” and “I’m Cool“), turned eighteen, and graduated high school. Just as she was really getting started with the announcement of her first ever tour, however, the pandemic brought everything to a standstill. Holed up in Miami and states away from her mentor and producer Elliot Jacobson (Ingrid Michaelson, Elle King, Vérité) in New York City, she started to write songs on software, Ableton Live, rather than on the guitar – a whole new creative experience for her, proving that while the world was in quarantine, she could not be contained.

In a creative burst of energy, she’s released the singles “Miami” and “Bird Girl,” as well as her debut EP 2 steps back; all since March 2020. The first music to come from this new approach to making music were her 2021 singles “1:30” and “Hair Salon Vibes” both of which were included on her 2022 debut album (it is what it is) alongside an earlier recording of “Miami.”

Julia Bhatt‘s new single “Charmander” was released independently today – September 21, 2023. Her Grab Bag EP will be released on November 17.

“It seems salons are having a moment. Lorde is getting stoned while getting her nails done, and Julia Bhatt makes you dance while you book your next blowout. For those who know her from her previous singles, ‘Hair Salon Vibes’ is an enjoyable departure, like a weekend in South Beach – or an afternoon spent at your favorite salon. At the end of the song, one feels refreshed, like they just ducked in for a quick clean up before a night out on the town.”- Hollywood Life

Julia Bhatt
Julia Bhatt
photo: Kevin Condon

“Julia Bhatt is already reinventing, showing new angles to her burgeoning indie-inflected style. Clocking in at only 1:30, the track [“1:30′] wastes no time introducing itself with heady layers of synths and effects-laden vocals. Bhatt’s moody delivery sets a subdued mood, relying on percussive rhythms to add a darker edge to the track.” – Under The Radar

“With a waterfall of curly hair, a guitar in her hands, and a wonderland of creativity in her, Julia Bhatt is one rising artist you can’t exclude from your radar. Every song she releases has an element of whimsy and fun, no matter the subject matter, and her latest single, “On My Shoulder,” is no different. The lyrics are witty and clever, creating a musical masterpiece that’s uniquely Julia. ” – TREMG Magazine

“Influenced by the sweltering heat and menagerie of culture that is Miami, Julia’s music is reminiscent of familiar sounds, from jazzy bossa beats to classic rock, but her refreshing, unapologetically youthful sound occupies a novel space of its own.” – PhotoBook Magazine

“Give ‘Cotton Candy’ a listen and you might think Julia is all about light guitar pop songs, you would be mistaken. Check out ‘Hair Salon Vibes’ and you find something else, a groove with a club feel running through it.” – DeClunk Mag

“Bhatt draws us into her world with modern pop cadences, addictive beats and vulnerable lyrics. The single [“1:30”] contains the maturity, poetry and wit reminiscent of Lorde’s knock out 2013 album Pure Heroine. ” – Wednesday Zine

“… Julia delivers her well-crafted lines… with an exuberant urgency that makes us smile and dance at the same time.” – Pancakes and Whiskey

“The dreamy, upbeat melodies of “1:30” invite you to contemplate our external reality and question the effects of unknown digital presences.” – Haloscope

“’Hair Salon Vibes’ is a feel-good disco song that can spice up your next summer party.” – glamglare

 “[she takes] indie pop to avant-garde heights.” – Aupium

“seriously, a mega-bop” – Brightest Young Things

“so refreshing” pInkwifi

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