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Daydreams Of Drug Deals In
Thrilling New Music Video For Single


From Upcoming Album deathdreams out Oct 19 
via Double Helix Records

AUGUST 24, 2023 (San Antonio, TX) – “My dream involved a chaotic battlefield where people were fighting and killing each other, and somehow, I knew that if I drowned myself, I’d come back to life and emerge from the water with the power to make the fighting stop,” says Emily “Agent M” Whitehurst (former vocalist for punk standouts Tsunami Bomb) about her inspiration for “Lady Neptune,” the second single off her fourth full-length electropop Survival Guide album deathdreams, out October 19 via Double Helix Records.

Survival Guide - "Lady Neptune" (Official Music Video)
SURVIVAL GUIDE’s “Lady Neptune”

A 1980’s-fueled dance track complete with synths and drum samples, “Lady Neptune”’s upbeat rhythms contrast sharply from the dark subject matter, which discusses Em’s attempt to stop violent chaos by drowning herself and resurrecting as “Lady Neptune.”

Survival Guide
SURVIVAL GUIDE / Emily “M” Whitehurst

Em says of the “Lady Neptune” video: “This treatment is a cautionary tale that’s based less on the lyrics and more on the ‘80s feel of the song. It’s very cinematic, being an entire film’s worth of story shoved into a 4-minute song.”

Listen to “Lady Neptune”:

The epic “Lady Neptune” video follows in line with the macabre and blood-splattered short film-esque music video for “Blood Perfume,” which stars Em as a deranged serial killer who outsmarts her victims. The both visually and sonically dark and evocative work was celebrated in music and video production circles, alike. The song in itself is kind of like an incantation, used to hypnotize her “prey.”

Produced by Bob Hoag (Dear and the Headlights, The Ataris, The Format) at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, AZ, Em says the main themes on her upcoming album come from several dreams she had that involved her death, which she adds compelled her to name it “deathdreams.” The opposing imagery and feelings that the title conjures – the duality/juxtaposition of dreams and death: soft and sweet, or strange, dark and ominous – only contributes to its appropriateness. The death themes in Em‘s music could also partly be attributed to two other sources: that her family owned the funeral home in the town she was raised in and that cancer claimed the life of her older brother.

Survival Guide album cover


  1. “Bad Little Seed”
  2. “Sour Sorrow”
  3. “Pie”
  4. Blood Perfume
  5. “Sharpshooter”
  6. Lady Neptune
  7. “wordswordswords”
  8. “Fight Me”
  9. “Don’t Feel Bad”
  10. “Stay Dead”
  11. “I’ll Picture You”  

A former Northern California native now residing in San Antonio, Texas, Em is an electronic indie-pop artist with a background in punk. Her music obsession began with Green Day, leading her to a dreams-come-true life of punk rock as she traversed continents fronting the band Tsunami Bomb as “Agent M.” Over the years, her music gradually shifted toward synthpop in The Action Design, then further into the electronic indiepop realm as Survival Guide.

Her danceable tunes evoke a sonic birthday cake: alternating layers of Depeche Mode, Metric, Peter Gabriel, and Grimes, with vibrant melodies and vocals as the icing on top. “Music is crucial to my survival,” she says wholeheartedly, adding, “Survival Guide is one woman trying to shape her own place in this world as a musician.”

Emily “Em” Whitehurst is the solo force behind Survival Guide. Her fourth-full length album deathdreams will be released on October 19, 2023 via Double Helix Records. “Lady Neptune” is now available on all platforms.

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