Perennial Artisan Ales Announced 2023-2024 Societe du Chene Program


Perennial Artisan Ales Announced 2023-2024 Societe du Chene Program

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Perennial Artisan Ales is excited for the return of our Société du Chêne program for the 2023-2024 year!  You are now able to sign up via Oznr until 8/31 at 10PM. 

Memberships are limited to one per person. You may select one double or single membership. 

Factoring in the 5% discount, single membership is $427.50 (Membership is $412.05, Oznr fees are $15.45), or $855 for double members ($825.10 + $30.90 Oznr fees) and includes the following:

  • One bottle each of fourteen barrel-aged beers to be released over the course of the next year including a mix of six wine barrel or foeder aged, and eight spirits barrel-aged beers with BA Abraxas and Maman being guaranteed in the mix.
  • 15% discount on on-premise purchases (does not include bottles or cans to-go, merchandise, or on-premise bottles). 
  • A SdC member pre-sale when possible for: beer packages, Perennial event tickets, and additional member bottles (based on quantities available).

Please read all membership details closely. There is a lot of information here!

One membership per person.

Each of the fourteen beers will be released at some time during the membership period. We will release beers when we feel that they are ready. For this reason, a release schedule will not be shared in advance.

Perennial Artisan Ales Abraxas 2018
Abraxas 2018

Members will have a two week window to pick up bottles at the brewery during tasting room hours (Wednesday-Thursday 4-10pm, Friday 2-11pm, Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 12-6pm) as they become available and must be picked up by the member or their assigned proxy. If the bottles are not claimed within the designated pickup time, they will be forfeited. This will be strictly enforced, as it becomes increasingly difficult to track and maintain bottles after the pick-up window. 

If there are extra bottles available, (depending on the number) bottles will either be offered to members for purchase OR sold for on or off-premise consumption in the Perennial Tasting Room – this is 100% at our discretion.

All bottles must be picked up in the tasting room. Under no circumstances are we able to ship bottles, nor are we able to hold your bottles should you not pick them up in the time period allotted. Unclaimed bottles will be forfeited without refund.

Memberships are non-transferable.

Members may designate a proxy to pick up bottles at the tasting room via Oznr by selecting ‘Assign Proxy’ for each bottle released. Please do not assign a proxy until you are certain they will be picking up your bottle, doing so transfers the ability to claim bottles from you to your proxy. If you choose to assign a proxy, please ask that they review what has been claimed. It is your responsibility to communicate details of a pick up to your proxy, and their responsibility to ensure they are picking up the correct bottles. Membership benefits do not apply to proxies. 

One person can proxy for up to a maximum of 5 people per release. This person can also be a member. If more than 5 people have assigned one person as proxy, they will be given the choice of which 5 bottles they would like to claim, and proxy information for remaining bottles will be reset. If you choose to assign a proxy, information MUST be assigned for each bottle, bottles without proxy information will not be given to your trustee.

All notices regarding beer releases are sent via email. Emails are sent to the member only and are limited to one email address per membership. Please be very diligent in checking these emails, as they will contain releases, pre-sales, and time sensitive information and we cannot be responsible for information missed. Note that these often go to your spam/promotions folder, we are not able to prevent this. Be sure you are regularly checking folders for SdC communication. Limited information is also communicated in our Facebook group, Société du Chêne. Use the same email address you provide to Société to sign up if you choose to do so. 

Perennial Artisan Ales Maman 2022

Our staff works very hard to ensure you receive your beer as quickly as possible. Any disrespect to staff or patrons, in person or on public forums, will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment or discrimination based on race, sex, gender, political beliefs, religious beliefs, or national origin. We reserve the right to revoke the membership should this policy be violated.

A few words on reselling beers:  
We’re proud of the lineup we’ve created for our Société du Chêne membership, and we go to great lengths to make sure our beers get to Société members in the best shape possible and at a fair price. We consider the time spent creating and aging the beer as well as the cost of ingredients to figure out what we feel is fair to charge for our beer.

Expectations for a $25 to $55 bottle of beer are remarkably different from those resold for $100+ per bottle–as they should be. Further, beers on the secondary market often change hands multiple times through various shipment and storage conditions, potentially compromising the integrity of a fragile item. If in the end, someone has paid a greatly inflated sum for our beer and is disappointed, it often comes back on us even though its condition is well outside our control at that point.

Société membership is an opportunity to enjoy and share some of our most limited beers, not a business opportunity. If we determine you are reselling beer, we reserve the right to terminate your membership without refunds. Remaining beer will be forfeited.

Please reach out to so*****@pe***********.com with any questions. We look forward to another year!    


Q: When can I pick up my bottles? 
Prior to your bottles being released, you will get an email with your pick up window in our tasting room during tasting room hours. Bottles MUST be picked up during this window. 

Q: When will BA Abraxas, Maman, X BA Stout be ready!?
None of our barrel-aged beers are on a calendar. Barrels get filled when we’re able to source them and when we have room in the schedule to fill them. That varies. Beer matures in time. We sample, determine if it’s ready and order the adjuncts if applicable, packaging materials, wax, labels, etc. Please trust that Société members are always the first to know, as soon as we’re confident the beer will be ready.

Q: What does my SdC discount apply to? 
Your 15% discount applies to on-premise purchases. (does not include beer to-go, merchandise, on-premise bottles, or food). Proxies are not eligible for the member’s discount.

Q: Can someone else pick up my bottle?
Yes. Please assign proxy via Oznr for EACH bottle that you will not pick up yourself. You will need their name and email address to do so. Once you have assigned a proxy, an email will be automatically sent to that person, and rights to claim the bottle will be transferred from you to your proxy. Bottles without proxy information listed will not be given to anyone other than the member. It is your responsibility to communicate with your proxy to ensure they are under the limit of how many people they can pick up for (5). 

Q: What do I/my proxy need to bring in order to pick up? 
Just an ID or QR code from the Oznr app. Please be sure to REVIEW (or have your proxy REVIEW) the number of bottles prior to leaving the tasting room. It is always the responsibility of the person picking up to know what they are there to pick up and who they are proxying for. Please communicate clearly with them if you’ve purchased an additional bottle, have multiple pick-ups, etc. 

Perennial Artisan Ales
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