Nyrdcast Podcast 172: In A World Of Pain


The Nyrdcast Podcast, where we teach our kids going back to school is a world of pain.

Matt and Jay return again with a longer show then normal.  After the normal catchup stuff, they discuss a list of the Top 50 TV Shows based off rating from the big sites (see below), go over what they have/haven’t seen, and list a few titles that are missing (including a major show).  They touch on Star Wars: Ahsoka, Secret Wars, and the financial struggles of the Disney Empire.  The finish with homework, as Jay runs down a ton of stuff he’s watched and read, including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Mission Impossible 1, Clerks 3, Untold: Johnny Football, The Righteous Gemstones, Dark Side of the Ring, The Nice House On The Lake, Air, and more.

Top 50 TV Show Ranking

TV Rankings

This week’s featured beer was More Brewing‘s Double Space Boots.

The Nyrdcast Podcast Beer of the Week

This week’s featured song was “Night Owl” by the Dollyrots.  You can find them at:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The intro music was The Mad Dog Remix of The Other Side by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it was created by Madelyn Tierney.

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