San Francisco Jazzy Singer-Songwriter E.G. PHILLIPS Presents ‘It Ain’t Good To Be In Love With You’


San Francisco jazzy singer-songwriter E.G. Phillips presents ‘It Ain’t Good to Be in Love With You’

“A fabulous heartfelt confessional that makes you feel as if you’ve gotten to know the man close-up, that you know a little bit more about what makes him tick, what makes him feel. A purveyor of the urban blues, Phillips offers an enthralling proposition in this beautifully wrought song” ~ Amplify Music Magazine

San Francisco-based artist E.G. Phillips presents the single ‘It Ain’t Good to Be in Love With You, a jazzy affair that showcases the Tom Waits meets Nick Cave-esque facets of his confessional songwriting. This is the first taste of Phillips’ forthcoming  ‘Outlaw The Dead’ EP, which was mixed by Chris McGrew and Billboard-charting producer Jaimeson Durr (Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Hope Sandoval).

E.G. Phillips

A tech refugee who comes from a country called the Midwest, Phillips ultimately found greener grass on the West coast. Originally from Chicago suburbs, but having also lived in East Central Illinois and Minnesota, his musical journeys have grown more adventurous since relocating to the Bay Area at the turn of the century, especially since venturing out on the open mic scene in San Francisco — finding a musical home of sorts at Bazaar Cafe.  

With the steadfast backing of his band Ducks With Pants, Phillips blends lyric-driven compositions with his own special blend of whimsy and cinematic imagery, offering a wry take in dealing with the longings of the heart and the madness of existence.  

“A few years ago, San Francisco found itself under a veil of orange apocalyptic skies, something the East Coast recently experienced as well. The weirdness of that experience was what got this song started and as I was writing the first verse the phrase “the last words that I heard from your lips” was just one of those things that seems to come out of nowhere, but immediately feels right and tells you were the song needs to go, with an implicit question that needs to be answered before it’s over,” says E.G. Phillips.

“Although it leads with a slyly and subversively distorted guitar, with its soulful B3 organ, lushly stacked horns, and a seering tenor sax solo that really “digs in”, this track feels like a throwback to the big band era. No points will be awarded for guessing the 1960s sitcom from which I cribbed the chords for the chorus.”

Call this jazz-infused progressive folk or jazzy confessionals – call it what you will, but there are certain flavours here that can’s be mistaken for anyone else, influenced by Duke Ellington and the jazz greats as much as Bob Dylan and even The Kinks with a touch of satirist Tom Lehrer in the mix.  

Produced by Chris McGrew, the forthcoming EP was recorded in Studio C of Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco (AKA Wally’s HydeOut). In this very room of the former Wally Heider Studios, numerous legendary artists (Herbie Hancock, Santana, Grateful Dead, Green Day, Dead Kennedys) recorded some of their most legendary sides.

As of July 14, ‘It Ain’t Good to Be in Love With You’ will be available across fine music platforms, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp, where Phillips’ back catalogue can also be explored. On August 6, Phillips will perform at Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco to celebrate this release

E.G. Phillips album cover

1. Outlaw the Dead                                          
2. Boil the Ocean          
3. A Bridge Too Far (MacArthur Station)                                            
4. It Ain’t Good To Be In Love With You
5. (I Can Pay You In) Bottles of Wine
6. I am the One Who Ghosts

E.G. Phillips — vocals
Christopher Fortier — guitars, electric bass
Kevin Seal — keys
Chris McGrew — percussion
Ethan Levitt — tenor sax
Recorded at Wally’s HydeOut in Hyde Street Studio C, San Francisco
Recorded by Gary Hobish
Produced by Chris McGrew  
Mixed by Chris McGrew and Jaimeson Durr
Mastered by Gary Hobish, A. Hammer Mastering
Artwork by Mario M. Noche
All songs written by E.G. Phillips (ASCAP)
© 2023 Ducks With Pants Music

Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Jonathan Richman, The Divine Comedy

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Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | LinkedIn

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