The PARALLAX PROJECT To Release ‘Autologous’ After 14 Year Hiatus


Here to hip you to a brand new release on the Kool Kat label – JUNE 30 – “AUTOLOGOUS” by PARALLAX PROJECT!

Parallax Project was supposed to be a loosely organized, shifting collection of musicians. That’s what Michael Giblin envisioned when he set out to create his first solo album, 2002’s ‘Oblivious’, but where you’re headed and where you end up are often two different things. 

Parallax Project album cover

“Autologous”, the first album of original material from Parallax Project in 14 years, is another collection of eclectic guitar-driven pop that spans genres and eras. 

Departing a bit from the tight live-band vibe of 2009’s Kool Kat label release “I Hate Girls”, Michael Giblin teamed up with his Minus 5 cohort, and fellow Kool Kat label mate Joe Adragna (The Junior League) to create a more studio-driven song cycle that explores the timeless themes of life, loss, setbacks, and growing older. 

Having the benefit of The Split Squad as an outlet for his “Big Rock” tendencies for the past 10 years, Michael focuses this latest offering from his long running “solo band” toward a set of more nuanced and contemplative songs.  But that’s not to say that it doesn’t both rock and sparkle.  He’s upped the “jangle quotient” quite significantly here as there are some great 6 and 12 string guitar contributions from Sean Lally (of Pittsburgh’s late lamented Frampton Brothers), and plenty of layers of the kind of vocal richness that will be familiar to Cherry Twister fans. 

“Michael Giblin’s music is characterized by sharp songwriting, his evocative singing and lush harmonies.  Parallax Project shares a nearly perfect balance of slap and tickle, of crunch and sweetness.”

Welcome back Michael!! 

Pre-order the album here.

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