THE FOREIGN FILMS Head To “Magic Shadows” on May 26th


Here to hip you to a brand new release on the Kool Kat label – MAY 26 – “MAGIC SHADOWS” by THE FOREIGN FILMS!

Magic Shadows” is The Foreign Films’ (Bill Majoros and friends) followup to 2020’s “Starlight Serenade”. 

Bill explains “I love the idea of taking the listener on a musical adventure, creating a sonic and emotional experience!  When writing and recording, I think of music as a time machine – visiting the past, present and future. I swirl together elements from various decades to create new ideas. It’s a musical journey through time and space! 

The Foreign Films album cover

“When I was a boy, I recall falling in love with music. It was an incredibly magical and mysterious feeling, a sense of wonder, discovery and inspiration. I clearly recall playing crackly 60’s and 70’s records on my parents old stereo and listening to late night AM radio. I was under the spell of music. 

“As a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist my aim is to conjure up that kind of musical magic for the listener; to create a dreamy feeling of nostalgia and escapism from this crazy world.  As an extension of my time machine idea – when recording an album I envision a jukebox or radio station playing songs from my imagination, daydreaming of the past to create a new sounds for tomorrow. I call it retro-futurism. 

“After listening to the record, I’d like to create the feeling you get after a great movie, magic show or a night at a carnival. For a few fleeting moments, there’s a strange feeling you’ve stepped into a mysterious world of magic shadows, glowing in the dark like a technicolor dream; thus the title ‘Magic Shadows’.” 

“The record guides the crafty Bill Majoros’ love of classic 60’s/70’s pop-rock toward the retro-futuristic 80’s. ‘Perfect Future’ echoes The Killers and nods to Icicle Works’ ‘Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream).’  ‘Rain Clouds (Sunshine in your Heart)’ finds its silver lining with enveloping OMD synthesizers, Phil Collins drum fills, and sparkling Traveling Wilburys harmonies.  ‘Magic Shadows’ unfolds as an imaginary radio station connecting to nostalgic and universal youthful experiences, reflected by ‘Daydream in the Sun (UFO Radio).’

“The album’s first half opens a la Jellyfish-meets-Beach Boys with ‘Midnight Movies’ and Carl Jennings’ bouncing bass. Side two begins in thematic parallel with ‘Cinema Girl.’  Both songs find Majoros exploring lyrical inspiration from heavyweights like Cohen and Dylan.  ‘Cosmic Lover’ pushes your favorite Marc Bolan and Spirit buttons.” – 

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