TOMBSTONES IN THEIR EYES Embark on the Sea Of Sorrow

“The band creates a psychedelic opus from one track to the next, year after year and this alone is no easy feat.” – Ghettoblaster Magazine

“… Mesmerizingly brooding and fuzzed-out ‘n’ fiery.” – The Big Takeover

“A whirlwind of fuzzy guitar riffs, blasting through your ears with raw, unbridled energy.” – Visual Atelier 8 

“There’s a satisfying heaviness that’s particularly alluring” – FLOOD Magazine

“Tune in, zone out and enjoy the ride.” – Loudwire


Tombstones In Their Eyes
Embark on the Sea Of Sorrow

“We Are Gold” Visualizer Out Now

MAY 16, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) – “We are extremely happy that Sea Of Sorrow is out,” says John Treanor of shoegazers TOMBSTONES IN THEIR EYES(TITE) about the release of their brand new album Sea Of Sorrow, out today via Kitten Robot Records. “The album was two years in the making and contains the cream of the crop of more than 25 recorded songs.  It retains the signature TITE sound, but we feel that it is a step forward for the band. The songwriting is better, excellent drums and bass, more harmonies, more guitars, fuzz, reverb and delay!”

Tombstones In Their Eyes – “We Are Gold”

The release of the album follows the singles, the acoustic-tinged “No One To Blame” as well as the hypnotic “Numb.” In addition, the band have released a brand new visualizer for their track “We Are Gold,” which premiered via Spill Magazine, alongside the record.

Photo Credit: Karin Johansson

“‘We Are Gold’ is a song about love, fate, aging and resilience,” says Treanor. “The ‘we’ in the title refers to my friends, my wife and the other people that I feel like I have a connection with and shared ideals. There’s no way to win at life as a game, but if we look at one another, we are among golden people every day.  ‘There’s nothing we can do to make this all work,’  but nonetheless, ‘It’s a beautiful life.’”  

As with past TITE records, the band expertly weaves psychedelia and shoegaze into their musical tapestry, stitching heavy, fuzzed out guitars into reverb-drenched, dreamy vocals and precise melodies. Their new album is a progression into more complex and intricate melodies.

“Sea Of Sorrow covers a lot of ground yet is also deeply personal,” continues Treanor. “I hope that listeners can relate to the feelings and find some solace in knowing that there are others who feel the same way that they do. As the band progresses, the songs and playing mutate into something new, yet still retain the Tombstones In Their Eyes sound. I feel that we’re getting better and better with each album but I admit I am biased.”

“I like to listen to and write sad songs, but we feel and have been told  that our songs are also hopeful,” he concludes. “Expressing oneself through music or art is not unique, and it is the release of those feelings through song that helps one to heal. Life is precious and is to be treasured, but there are also tough times or tough lives that people experience or endure.  Art and music are a way of connecting to the human experience.”

Sea Of Sorrow by Tombstones In Their Eyes is out today digitally via Kitten Robot Records on all DSPs. In addition, TITE’s new visualizer for “We Are Gold,” is out now.  

Tombstones In Their Eyes – Sea Of Sorrow

Tombstones In Their Eyes album cover

1. Trapped
2. The Bitter Ones
3. Life
4. We Are Gold
5. Heart
6. Hey Man
7. A Way Out
8. Numb
9. No One To Blame
10. Hope
11. Dead Inside
12. Bride    

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