THE HALF-CUBES Cover “The Weakest Shade of Blue” On April 14


The Half-Cubes Drop Their Debut Single/Cover “The Weakest Shade of Blue” by The Prenice Brothers

Out April 14th From Big Stir Records

Big Stir Records is proud to introduce THE HALF-CUBES, with their debut single (and the first in an open-ended series of covers of guitar pop classics across the decades): a new version of the PERNICE BROTHERS classic “The Weakest Shade Of Blue”, out Friday, April 14 and up for pre-order/pre-save now at and all major streaming services.

If the band’s name and modus operandi sound familiar, there’s a reason! While Power Pop Hall Of Famers THE FLASHCUBES are still going strong – and preparing an album collecting the covers-and-collaborations singles that made up their Pop Masters Singles Series – two out of the four founding ‘Cubes, bassist/vocalist GARY FRENAY and drummer/producer TOMMY ALLEN – have decided to continue the fun under this new name, enlisting friends like RANDY KLAWON (The Choir, Cyrus Erie) and representatives of the artists to whom they’re paying tribute – in this case BOB PERNICE – to add collaborative authenticity to each musical labor of love.

The Half-Cubes single cover

TOMMY ALLEN tells us what’s different (and what’s wonderfully the same) as the new project lifts of: “The Half-Cubesare an extension of The Flashcubes’ “Pop Masters” project, focusing on cover songs that veer into a decidedly more POP direction than the typically raucous aggression The Flashcubes are known for. Gary and I share an affinity for a sugar-coated melody and continue to mine for pop delights that have inspired us for decades.”

The music-fan joy of THE HALF-CUBES is apparent right out of the gate, as is the breadth of their record collection. While The Flashcubes’ Pop Masters Singles concentrated on classics from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, the first tribute pick for THE HALF-CUBES is of a 21st Century vintage. “The Weakest Shade Of Blue” is truly a modern classic (and a personal favorite of the Big Stir crew) from THE PERNICE BROTHERS‘ 2003 album Yours, Mine & Ours. On this new version, Tommy, Gary, and Randy are joined by the band’s BOB PERNICE in recreating his brother JOE PERNICE‘s composition.

According to Bob, the admiration is mutual, “I missed The Flashcubes by a year, when they put me on the Wolverine up to Onondaga, but I arrived just in time for Screen Test,” says Bob, referring to the ’80s offshoot band that featured Tommy and Gary. “I was a super fanboy frosh, dreaming of being on stage with the trio, making melodic, harmony-dripping power pop, serenading Jersey girls (or any girls). I was delighted when Tommy asked me to play on TheHalf-Cubes’ take on Joe’s “Weakest Shade of Blue” and was even more so upon hearing the results. My dream finally came true – I got to play with Gary and Tommy!”

What’s more, the single has the endorsement of songwriter JOE PERNICE himself. “When I was a kid, my brother Bob brought some Screen Test records home from Syracuse University. I really loved those songs and recordings a lot. So I was very stoked when Tommy and Gary’s band TheHalf-Cubes covered ‘The Weakest Shade of Blue’… I can finally listen to my own song! It’s a wicked cover version done by guys who have been making great guitar pop music since the genre crawled out of the tar pit. I am humbled and fattered.”

It’s just the beginning for THE HALF-CUBES, and as with the original Pop Masters singles (which are even now being assembled by the very-much-still-kicking FLASHCUBES for a much-requested album release), future singles will span the decades and feature yet more very special guests. “Inviting the original artists along for the ride is on the menu,” Tommy promises, “and we’re excited to have Van Duren, The Alessi Brothers and Mark Hudson already recorded on their respective compositions, and re-imagined versions of amazing songs by Dwight Twilley, Jason Falkner, Dirty Looks, Phil Seymour and others are in the oven and ready to be served FRESH! More pop, more fun!”

We at BSR will be delighted to serve it up to you. THE HALF-CUBES have fully arrived!

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