WHITEHALL Face Inner Conflict and Confusion Head-On With New Single “Pull” Off Album Out May 5th


Alternative Rockers WHITEHALL Face Inner Conflict and Confusion Head-On With New Single “Pull”

Track Appears on Band’s Forthcoming Album ‘Maizy’ Out May 5th

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Brooklyn, NY (by way of Charleston, SC) indie rockers Whitehall have released “Pull” the latest single off their upcoming Enci Records label debut, ‘Maizy’ out May 5th on Enci Records.

According to the band, “Pull” represents a time when everyday stresses manifested into anxiety-driven dreams with a common theme of being torn between multiple directions. Sonically, the song hopes to achieve a sense of duality and indecision.”

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Since forming in a college dorm room in 2014, Whitehall has released a pair of albums, along with their most recent ‘Garden Song’ EP, which debuted in 2022.

Whitehall’s ability to combine danceable beats with introspective themes is a testament to their talent and creativity. They have a way of inspiring both the body and the mind, leaving listeners feeling energized and empowered.

Having toured as direct support for Goo Goo Dolls in 2022, the band has just completed a run with Arlie and The Sewing Club. Watch for more touring in the months ahead.  

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What others have said about Whitehall:
““Rose” opens with a reverberated guitar and vocals, joined shortly by the rest of the band and offering us a bouncing rhythm that is sure to repel the thoughts of one’s impending seasonal depression. It is definitely a song designed for driving with the windows down, so be sure to squeeze it in before winter rips out our souls.”- Up To Hear

“Half garage-rock noise, half polished guitar pop…massive riffs and muscular rhythms…raw-but-melodic gems, gleaming with shimmering hooks and big, full-throated choruses.”- Charleston City Paper

“There are moments on this album where you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement, or cringing in disgust at yourself because of a certain uncomfortable memory that the lyrics bring to mind. These moments are often accompanied by loud, beefy guitar tones and well-timed drum hits that exist to help ease the pain.- Extra Chill


“The 4-piece write on ideas of aging, personal growth and their thoughts and feelings as the group enters their mid-20’s. It’s a holistic idea of what this band is all about, combined with all the sonic elements that craft their earnest and hearty songs.”- Play Too Much

Check out their other singles “Dogfights“, “Don’t Check Your Phone“, and “Rose“.

Vocals, Guitar / Paddy Mckiernan
Guitar / Avery Greeson
Bass / Brennan Clark
Drums / Davis Rowe

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