(UN)WORTHY Releases “Led To The Slaughter” Ahead of New Album on April 7


(UN)WORTHY to release “Where Light Divides” On April 7th

At a time where so many deathcore bands are all adding symphonic blackened efforts to their art, “Where Light Divides” finds (UN)WORTHY happily going back to the OG deathcore sound, creating a heavier, more brutal, all out deathcore attack where the end result will shake the very ground.

Their first single from the album, “Led To The Slaughter” is out on digital platforms now.

Led to the Slaughter

“Where the Light Divides” will be out on all platforms April 7th

(Un)Worthy Album
Where Light Divides

Where Light Divides

1. Statement Of Faith 0:38
2. Led To The Slaughter 3:40
3. Behold The Conqueror 3:44
4. From Corruption To Consummation 3:30
5. The End Of All Things Is At Hand 3:39
6. A Decision With Eternal Consequences Ft. Kevin Grant 5:26

(UN)WORTHY is a two man Christian Metal band based out of Southern CA. With a successful string of singles throughout 2022, they have gained a continuous momentum and have now signed with Rottweiler Records! Their debut EP with the label releases Spring 2023.


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