THE BELLWETHER SYNDICATE Release Their Anthem of Courage And Resolve ‘We All Rise’


Blazing ‘We All Rise’ single – an anthem of courage & resolve – from Chicago’s THE BELLWETHER SYNDICATE out now.

Touring the US with Clan of Xymox throughout March

“Goth Rock Tornado… hair-raising speed, riff-racing insanity and badass drum/bass force… William Faith‘s edged Goth-infused vocals rumble all over this super-duper sucker-punch steamroller” ~ Turn Up The Volume

“Anything but conventional… the band is one of the most unique dissonant sounds in the scene” ~ Outburn Magazine

“Words so relevant to the time we are living in… Superb… The Bellwether Syndicate is full of brilliant surprises” ~ The Spill Magazine

“The time seems right for a new wave of post-punk to be ushered in… The Bellwether Syndicate is leading the charge” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

“A glittery piece of glamorous darkness…with William Faith’s crooning vocals and Sarah Rose smoothly cascading guitars” ~

The Bellwether Syndicate

Alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate present ‘We All Rise’ (with video filmed by Sidney Strong), the third single from their ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, which will be released in late April via Sett Records in North America and elsewhere via Nexilis Records/ Schubert Music Europe. A tale of hope and struggle, of inner-courage and rage for what could be… A powerhouse of a track, the reflective tone of the verse climaxes in the screaming industrial chorus, stirring both the heart and mind.

Based in Chicago, The Bellwether Syndicate is made up of William Faith (vox, guitars), Sarah Rose Faith (vox, guitars), Philly Peroxide (keyboards, percussion), Stevyn Grey (drums) and Corey Gorey (guitars). Formerly of seminal goth acts Christian Death, Mephisto Walz and Shadow Project and co-founder of Faith & The Muse, William Faith moved from his native Los Angeles to Chicago in 2010, forming The Bellwether Syndicate with his wife, Sarah Rose Faith a.k.a. Scary Lady Sarah, one of the scene’s most eminent DJs and club promoters and host of Nocturna, the longest-running goth event in North America.

“’We All Rise’ is both an acknowledgement of and a call to the inner courage we all possess, which gives us the resolve and the strength to go against the prevailing system and try to build the world that lives in all of our hearts and minds. It is said that inside every cynic there is a wounded idealist, and we see this everywhere; the armor we’ve acquired to protect our dreams. This song is about drawing on that courage and believing again; daring to dream again, says William Faith.

This single follows the band’s single ‘Beacons’, its ‘set adrift’ narrative supported by liquid, chorused guitars and distress-signal bass and synth before kicking into a full steam ahead chorus, with chiming, glorious guitars chasing the pulsing beat and soaring vocals all the way home. Earlier, the band released the glam-noir lead track ‘Dystopian Mirror’, a relentless assault of hard-edged guitars, buzzsaw synths and tribal beats accompanying a guided tour through the realm of mental instability.

Six years in the making, the ‘Vestige & Vigil’ LP was produced by William Faith, whose credits include Jarboe, Clan of Xymox, Bootblacks and Autumn, and Chad Blinman (Face To Face, Faith and The Muse, Jarboe). Recorded by William Faith at 13 Studio in Chicago, it was mixed by Blinman at The Eye Socket. This album comes 9 years after debuting with ‘The Night Watch’ EP and four years since their latest single, ‘Republik’.

As of February 24, ‘We All Rise’ is will be available from all fine digital outlets, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp, where the first two singles can also be found. The full ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album will be released on April 28. Throughout March, The Bellwether Syndicate will be touring the USA with Clan of Xymox. Tickets are available here.

The Bellwether Syndicate single cover

Written and performed by The Bellwether Syndicate
Produced by William Faith & Chad Blinman
Recorded by William Faith at 13 Studio in Chicago
Mixed by Chad Blinman at The Eye Socket
Additional programming and treatments by Chad Blinman
Mastered by Josh Sebek
William Faith – Vox and guitars
Sarah Rose Faith – Vox and guitars
Corey Gorey – Guitars (live)
Philly Peroxide – Keyboards and percussion (live)
Stevyn Grey – Drums (live)
‘Dystopian Mirror’ video filmed by William Faith & David Staudacher
‘Beacons’ video filmed by William Faith & Sarah Rose Faith
‘We All Rise’ video filmed by Sidney Strong
All videos directed by William Faith

Killing Joke, New Model Army, Lords of the New Church, The Chameleons, ACTORS, Love & Rockets, Placebo, White Lies

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