GLITTER WIZARD Conjure The Metal Witch In New “She’s A Star” Video – New EP Kiss The Boot Out Today


Conjure The Metal Witch
In New “She’s A Star” Video

New Glam Rock EP Kiss The Boot Out Now

MARCH 7, 2023 (San Francisco/Oakland, CA) — “It’s your classic ‘guy gets kidnapped while playing a board game and thrown into a cage to see his favorite band’ kind of story,” laughs GLITTER WIZARD bassist KANDI MOON about their new video for “She’s A Star.” Inspired by ’70s and ’80s grindhouse horror films, comic books, video games and fantasy board games (In this case the classic Dungeon Degenerates), the  video releases today alongside their brand new glam flavored EP Kiss The Boot via Kitten Robot Records. (On DSPs here). 

"She's A Star" by Glitter Wizard

Recalling classic metal videos of yore that feature caged fans, blood rituals and big hair… lots and lots of hair, “She’s a Star” looks and feels like a lost Giallo film a la Lamberto Bava/Dario Argento’s heavy metal slasher Demons, complete with a haze filled dungeon, high contrast stylized lighting and blood seeping right through the screen.

“Filming the video was great, we had an excellent production crew and group of actors who really killed it, literally,” continues Moon. “Because creating art in the Bay Area has become increasingly difficult in the past few years with the escalating cost of living, a lot of creatives have moved away and the ones left are trying to work as much as possible to stay afloat. This project felt like old SF with a bunch of creative people all working toward making something rad and contributing what they could to make it happen. We crammed a lot of shots into two days of filming and then finished it off with a nice bloodbath. You can’t really ask for anything more.”  

Top L-R: Doug Graves, Cunnus (The Metal Witch), Fancy Cymballs,
Bottom L-R: Kandi Moon, Wendy Stonehenge, Lorfin Terrafor
Photo Credit:  Tash de Valois (New Pleasure Photos IG:

For years, legions of “Glitterati” [a.k.a. Glitter Wizard fans] have begged the hard rock five-piece to inject more ’70s junkshop glam into their already stack-heeled, glitter-sparkled splendor, referencing bands that helped define the genre: Slade, Hello, and Angel, with some Sweet thrown in to boot. Always looking to give their fans what they want, Glitter Wizard obliged and  loaded up Kiss the Boot with more sequin-laced riffs, leather-clad hooks, and stardust-laden harmonies.

Kiss The Boot revels in all things glam: From the synth-drenched, high octane ode to their fanbase, “Glitterati,” to the slower paced (yet still in your face) southern rocking “Sequins and Leather.” “Sugar Beat” becomes a hypnotic, boot-stomping mantra, while EP closer “Pogo Tonight” exudes classic rock and roll energy featuring  keys that mimic an alien invasion and soaring vocals on the chorus that drive home the passion of trying to hurry your date up to get ready so you can hang out with the creatures of the night.

There’s even a cover of David Bowie’s classic “Suffragette City,” reworked in the style of The Glitter Band with bombastic delayed drums, group vocals and a platform heeled stomp n’ boogie.

With its demos self-recorded by the band remotely during COVID lockdowns, later fully recorded and produced at Kitten Robot Studios by Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, TSOL, Lords of Altamont, Josie Cotton), and later mixed at Toneduff Studios by Screamin’ Lord Duff, Moon says they “definitely” used this EP as an experiment in songwriting. “We delved deeply into the sounds and textures of ‘70s glam rock while trying to keep our original sound intact. Hopefully those glam rock influences come through in the tracks but pushed through a Glitter Wizard star filter.”

Playing a unique brand of freaky hard rock that Julian Cope once described as “unashamedly glamorous,” Glitter Wizard were raised on punk and mix screaming riffs with a high-octane stage show full of sequins, headbanging, and a sonic attack that’ll leave you simultaneously dazed and ready for the next hit. The band is constantly working to keep the real spirit of rock n’ roll undead and feasting on the brains of young and old alike.


Kiss The Boot by Glitter Wizard is out today via Kitten Robot Records on all DSPs, alongside their new video for “She’s A Star.”


She’s A Star
Sequins and Leather
Suffragette City
Sugar Beat
Pogo Tonight

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