GLITTER WIZARD Emerge From Glam Labyrinth with “She’s A Star”


Emerge From Glam Labyrinth
with “She’s A Star”New EP
Kiss The Boot Out March 7
Pre-Order Here

West Coast Live Dates From March 2-4

FEBRUARY 14, 2023 (San Francisco/Oakland, CA) — For fans of platform shoes, vintage synths and sonic speedballs, GLITTER WIZARD have emerged with their brand new single “She’s A Star” (out today via Kitten Robot Records). Serving as an entry point to the band’s glam labyrinth, the single opens up the twists, turns, and hidden passageways, found on their new EP Kiss the Boot, out March 7th.  You can pre-order the EP on CD/vinyl here.

Glitter Wizard
Top L-R: Kandi Moon, Doug Graves, Lorfin Terrafor
Bottom L-R: Wendy Stonehenge, Fancy Cymballs
Photo credit: Tash de Valois (New Pleasure Photos)

From the opening drumroll of “She’s A Star,” Glitter Wizard pull out the stops, packing more shredding guitars, infectious hooks, tight harmonies and vintage synthesizers into their already-tight satin pants.

“This song involved reconstructive surgery and a lesson in band communication,” says bassist Kandi Moon. While all the right elements were there in the songwriting and musicianship, the band discovered the only thing that was missing was the hook. Vocalist Wendy Stonehenge took the rehearsal recording home and  returned with a new version of the song.” As the song took on its final form, the band felt they were on the right track. “Lorfin [Terrafor, guitarist] had to stand back as we dismembered his precious creation, eventually bringin’ it back to life, more gleaming and beautiful than before. Sometimes not communicating properly can lead to some cool results …sometimes.”

In addition, the band will be supporting the new EP with a handful of West Coast release shows from March 2nd to the 4th, hitting Los Angeles, Vista, and San Francisco. Dates below.  

For years, legions of “Glitterati” (what Glitter Wizard call their fanbase) have begged Glitter Wizard to inject more ’70s junkshop glam akin to the likes of Slade, Hello, and Angel, with some Sweet thrown in to boot into their already stack-heeled, glitter-sparkled splendor. So, in giving the fans what they want, Glitter Wizard obliged and  loaded up Kiss the Boot with more sequin-laced riffs, leather-clad hooks, and stardust-laden harmonies.

Glitter Wizard Album

“There was nothing glamorous about 2020. NOTHING,” says Kandi about the hiatus in the band’s creativity during the pandemic. Turning the isolation to their advantage, they focused on making the best record they could. ”This was the first time the band had ample time to try things out with pre-production demos so a lot of experimentation with song writing and different guitar/synth leads came about.”

Playing a unique brand of freak rock that Julian Cope once described as “unashamedly glamorous hard rock,” Glitter Wizard were raised on punk and mix screaming riffs with a high-octane stage show full of sequins, headbanging, and a sonic attack that’ll leave you dazed and ready for the next hit. Glitter Wizard is constantly working to keep the real spirit of rock n’ roll undead and feasting on the brains of young and old alike.

Glitter Wizard Tour Poster

She’s A Star” by Glitter Wizard is out today via Kitten Robot Records. Their new EP Kiss The Boot will be released on March 7th and the band will be touring from March 2nd-4th to preview its release. You can pre-order the EP here


She’s A Star
Sequins and Leather
Suffragette City
Sugar Beat
Pogo Tonight  

March 2  Permanent Records Roadhouse   Los Angeles, CA 
March 3  Booze Brothers Brewing Co          Vista, CA
March 4  Bottom Of The Hill                          San Francisco, CA


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