THE ROCKET SUMMER Kicks Off 2023 With Euphoric “Stuck Inside Your Light”

“While many artists are seemingly struggling to stay either relevant or vibrant, Avary has seemingly figured it out… Armed with melodic sensibilities, polymath talent and a personal ambition to seek out new sonic outcomes, Avary has consistently engaged his die-hard fans and accessed new listeners.” – Alternative Press

“Avary is an artist that continues to grow and shine, and we can’t wait to see what the next one has in store.” – Punktastic

“Bryce is a master at creating catchy, upbeat anthems.” – Paste Magazine

Kicks Off 2023 With Euphoric
“Stuck Inside Your Light”

New Song and Visually Stunning Animated Video
Out Today

More Music Coming Soon 

The Rocket Summer - Stuck Inside Your Light (Official Music Video)
The Rocket Summer  “Stuck Inside Your Light”

JANUARY 20, 2023 (Dallas, TX) — “‘Stuck Inside Your Light’ started with a burst of auditory illumination in my studio,” says THE ROCKET SUMMER brainchild BRYCE AVARY about his brand new single “Stuck Inside Your Light,” which is out today on all DSPs. Extracting bits of trip hop, electro and shoegaze, the track swirls around like a cyclone around his trademark epic chorus.  “Within minutes of picking this simple, darkly-ominous-but-happy melody, I played a quick swung groove on an MPC drum machine and my Minimoog bass synth, and blasted it on loop… I felt like I was being pulled upwards and hovering in this multi-colored spaceship of positivity.” Furthering his progression into explorative soundscapes, “Stuck Inside Your Light” is just the latest offering from The Rocket Summer who will be releasing even more new music later this year. TRS has also released an abstract, VFX heavy music video to accompany the single. “With ‘M4U’ and ‘Stuck Inside Your Light,’ I allowed myself to simply unlock some long inherent but sonically neglected doors of my soul, and exhale what’s always been in there,” says Avary. 

Photo credit:: The Rocket Summer

Capturing similar earthy soundscapes that were featured on previous single “M4U” and injecting rhythm-based trip hop textures, “Stuck Inside Your Light” showcases steady, hip-hop tinged drums and sparse looping guitar patterns that give Avary’s vocals room to breathe during the verses and soar during the uplifting chorus. This all coalesces into a sudden symphony of psychedelia guitars in the bridge, before finalizing with one last chorus as the synths and guitars squeal louder and louder.  “I hope this song lifts people. It was fun for me to create a story within the instrumentation that sounded like the chain of events of being abducted and beamed up in flight. Living within the bright sparks of writing a new song has always been my main vice,” says Avary.  

The accompanying mesmerizing music video depicts a mercurial being witnessing prismatic lights and kaleidoscopic displays explode into desert blooms. The hypnotizingly gorgeous video complements the music’s circular melody. ““Originally I had been writing fictional stories to release as short films and/or comics and it was a massive catalyst for the music I made for this season,” says Avary. “I was essentially making soundtracks to these unreleased films stuck in my mind. While ultimately the music became the king for me, that practice of writing completely separate fictional stories really opened creative floodgates musically that I’d never really experienced before. Last year I met Seth Ringger, a visual artist, and asked him if he wanted to make a video. I lightly touched on some of the themes of the stories I was originally working on and I was amazed at what he came back with on his own. It was life giving for me to see some hints of those original ideas that informed the sonic nature of this music come full circle with this project.”

Launching from an underground buzz to mainstream acceptance, The Rocket Summer released its first major label album, 2007’s Do You Feel, on Island Def Jam, artfully balancing the drama and emotion of the early 2000s alt-rock scene with a sharp passion and appreciation for pop hooks, melody and musicianship, with Avary performing all of the instruments on each album.. A vital voice in the scene, Avary has released seven studio albums and several EPs, many of which landed him at the top of numerous Billboard charts. With such keystone singles such as “So Much Love,” “Shatter Us,” and “Do You Feel”, Avary continues to be an omnipresent voice in the music scene. 

Stuck Inside Your Light” by The Rocket Summer is out now on all DSPs. More music from The Rocket Summer will be coming soon.


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