THE GOLDEN RAIL Are Back with “Songs From Empty Streets” on November 25th

Melbourne, Australia-based The Golden Rail, who have deep roots in the Perth jangle pop tradition and have garnered international acclaim for their previous two albums, are back with their third album (and Kool Kat label debut) “Songs from Empty Streets”.

The record was produced by Nick Batterham (The Earthmen/solo artist in his own right) who also contributes instrumentation/vocals to the proceedings.

The partnership of Ian Freeman and Jeff Baker is the culmination of a 30-year writing partnership between them. The pair met and started performing in Perth in the mid-80’s running through a string of bands either together or as side players in The Palisades, The Rainyard, Header, Summer Suns, DM3, The Lazybirds and more recently with The Jangle Band.  

“Their Perth roots remain strong, and is in fact, named after a long-gone Perth bar, and Freeman has described their sound as evocative of Perth suburban life. The album’s themes do indeed draw on a particularly Australian sense of longing and wistfulness, the kind of reflective thinking arising from the surrounds of sparse suburbia and clear skies overhead. Most importantly, the songwriting and musical backing is excellent throughout. Opener ‘Silver Linings’ is beautiful, masterfully sparse and driven almost solely by acoustic guitar, bass and shuffling drums. The band keeps this simple setup as its bedrock, but introduces just enough electric guitar, violin and brass flourishes throughout to keep things interesting. This is a sophisticated sounding album that recalls the soft rock sounds of the early 70’s more than anything.  Ian Freeman’s vocal recalls Neil Finn here, in an effort that would have no qualms sitting beside Crowded House’s finer material.” – 

“The perfect marriage of sophisticated melodies and soulful lyrics, performed and sung by an equally soulful voice. The Golden Rail have risen to the top of the perfect pop charts with songs that Jimmy Webb would be proud of.” – Dom Mariani 

Will appeal to fans of the Triffids, The Apartments, The Go-Betweens and other classic lyrical Australian indie pop sounds.

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