LA-based BEAUTY IN CHAOS Present Timely Single ‘Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)’ 

LA-based Beauty In Chaos present timely single ‘Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)’ 

LA-based alternative rock collective Beauty In Chaos has released their new  single ‘Bloodletting’. This dark, spooky New Orleans-infused rendition of the Concrete Blonde track features vocalists Whitney Tai, Kat Leon and Tish Ciravolo in a nod to the original song.  

Video still by Alexander Falanagan

More than just a slight sonic departure from their previous releases, this track has BIC curator Michael Ciravolo taking the lead vocal, highlighting his New Orleans drawl, front and center.  Ciravolo has also enlisted saxophone extraordinaire Mars Williams of The Psychedelic Furs to add some amazing jazz inspired avant-garde vibes to this incredible song.

“I always loved this song, as Johnette’s lyrics painted an eerily realistic picture of my hometown.  On a recent trip there, I found myself walking through some dark side streets in the French Quarter with my BIC producer Michael Rozon and the freaky sights and sounds had this song ringing in my head.  I heard a saxophone wailing from a distant club and that inspired this cover idea.  Fortunately for me, my friends Tim Palmer and Richard Fortus had just produced the latest Furs album and kindly made an introduction to Mars. I’ve always loved what he plays with one of my favorite bands and he thankfully agreed to be part of this,” says Michael Ciravolo.  

As with many BIC singles, a stunning video accompanies this release, each audio-visual offering very different from its predecessors.  For “Bloodletting’, Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films returned behind the camera.  

BEAUTY IN CHAOS - BLOODLETTING (The Vampire Song) Official Video

Ciravolo adds: “Well, this video is certainly VERY different from our most recent single ‘Afterlife’. We wanted a very tongue-in-cheek (or would that be fangs-in-neck?) mix of ‘Eyes Wide Shut‘‘ and ’‘Lost Boys” … focusing more on a loosely-based storyline than just a simple band performance with it all being in good campy fun!”

Beauty In Chaos, together with Jammer Direct, released the documentary film ‘Unveiled’, providing behind-the-scenes insight into the band’s recently released all-female-fronted album ‘Behind The Veil’. As for all BIC releases, the physical version (CD/ vinyl) is accompanied by a 25-track digital bonus edition featuring remixes by Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson), Sin Quirin (Ministry), Kitty Lectro, Bentley Jones, Julian Shah-Tayler, Roman Marisak, Kevin Kipnis and The Phoenix Supernova, as well as an extended album version of ‘Orion’.

As of October 31, ‘Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)’ will be available digitally from fine music outlets, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp. The ‘Behind The Veil’ LP can also be ordered directly from the artist at

Words and Music by Johnette Napolitano
Performed by Beauty In Chaos
Michael Ciravolo – lead and backing vocals, guitars, textures and bass
Michael Rozon –  bass, lap steel,  drum programming
Mars Williams – saxophone
Derek S. Abrams – live drums
Additional vocals by Whitney Tai, Kat Leon, Kerry Remsen, Dickie Dollars and Tish Ciravolo
Schecter Chain Gang – hand claps and drunken howls
Recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Rozon at SAINTinLA Studio
Additional recording by Mars Williams and Nick Perez
Mastered by Dale Becker and Fili Filizzola at Becker Mastering

Filmed and Directed by Vicente Cordero (Industrialism Films)
Edited by Ryan Conlon
Steadicam Operator – Fabian Tehrani
Cinematographer – Alexander Falanagan
Additional lighting by Skum Love
Video concept by Michael Ciravolo
Vampire Hunter – Michael Ciravolo
Band – Tish Ciravolo (Bass), Seth Miller (guitar), Daniel Chavez Cook (drums)
Sax Man – Jake Handler
Club Hostess – Whitney Tai
Tarot Card Psychic – Kiki Remsen
Powder Queen – Tish Ciravolo
Vampire girls –Suzy Q Williams, Lisa Mason Lee, Kellie Krueger
Vampire: Anthony Montemarano

The Mission, Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Human Drama, Sisters of Mercy

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