STEPHEN LAWRENSON To Release ‘Chants of a Lifetime,’ Almost 10 Years Since His Last Album

STEPHEN LAWRENSON To Release ‘Chants of a Lifetime,’ Almost 10 Years Since His Last Album; Out January 27th

After nearly 10 years from the release of his last highly praised record “Obscuriosity” (also released on Kool Kat) comes “Chants Of A Lifetime”, Stephen Lawrenson’s fourth full-length release. 

The record was written and recorded between 2016 and 2022 during periodic bouts of writer’s block, limited time, the death of his father, a handful of other things and of course…the pandemic!   The 10 songs on “Chants Of A Lifetime” unwittingly follow a loose thread conceptually, as pointed out by executive producer Bradley R. Jones, a longtime friend and band mate.

Stephen adds “In the end, the thread is about the prevalence of music throughout our lives and its always-redemptive affects.  Whether it’s a good song, album or show, somehow music continually has an uplifting quality.  And, most certainly when you’re able to create your own in some way.” 

He’s joined by guest musicians Rybo Lewan from NYC’s Twin Strike on lead guitar for “Really Good” and Rob Perez from NY/PA band, Beard of Bees, on lead guitar on “Blue Room.”

“What do you think would happen if you threw The Goldbergs, The Beatles, Three Hour Tour, Teenage Fanclub (in their fuzzy period), Big Star, The Posies (circa ‘Frosting On The Beater’), ‘Pet Sounds’ period Brian Wilson, and the Electric Light Orchestra into a giant pop blender?  You’d get Stephen Lawrenson, that’s what!” – Max Humphries

“Lawrenson’s music is intelligent, well written, and completely catchy.  Power pop, with loads of great hooks, melodies and harmonies. A masterful melange of 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s guitar rock mixed and matched with no concern for the namecheck. That’s how good this is” – MR Gomez

“The arrangements are meticulously constructed, and the hooks are imaginative and unique.  Strands of Big Star are frequently sensed throughout the proceedings, but Stephen definitely injects his own distinctive personality and perspectives into his fine material.  Artistically rewarding and catchy enough to infiltrate the mainstream masses, he makes the kind of albums all serious pop rock musicians aspire to make.” – Beverly Patterson

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