WE ARE SCIENTISTS Hope For The Best, And Expect Nothing “Less From You”

Hope For The Best, And Expect Nothing
Less From You

New Album Lobes Out January 20 via Masterswan Recordings

FREE rooftop show for the launch of BrewDog’s largest bar in the World in Las Vegas on December 3rd

Album Release Show at NYC’s Brooklyn Made on January 20th

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OCTOBER 28, 2022 (NEW YORK, NY) — “There was definitely a period in my life when I thought being jaded was cool,” says We Are Scientists vocalist/guitarist Keith Murray about the band’s upbeat, synth-driven, indie dance track “Less From You,” taken from the band’s eighth official studio album Lobes (release date: January 20, 2023 via Masterswan Recordings). Having had his pessimism proven wrong so many times in life about “so many things – friendship, love, an unexpectedly great Mai Tai in the basement of a British hotel,” Murray says it’s been impossible to “really maintain that full-throttle cynical outlook into adulthood. Sure, whittling down my pessimism has meant that I don’t get to enjoy the peculiar pleasure of having my own rotten expectations subverted quite as often, but ‘Less From You’ celebrates the greater delight of having my already-high hopes exceeded.” Bassist Chris Cain says that he really wanted the bass part of this song to be performed on their Moog Voyager — “a nice thick synth bass felt like a great way to add some sleaze to the party, but in the end, a blend of Moog and bass guitar sounded best.” He jokingly adds that makes him worried he’ll “actually have to play this bass part at live shows instead of taking a dance break.”

Speaking of performing live, last week the band announced two upcoming U.S. shows: the first being a free rooftop show on December 3rd in Las Vegas at the launch of BrewDog’s largest bar in the World and the second is on January 20th in Brooklyn, NYC  at Brooklyn Made for the band’s Lobes album release. These shows arrive right before the band heads to the UK and Europe on the Show Lobes Tour, with more US dates to be announced in the coming months.


Written immediately after they finished post-production on their 2021 album Huffy, “Less From You” arrives hot on the heels of their fresh new indie pop hit “Operator Error (which they recorded in their Midtown Manhattan studio in the midst of the Covid lockdowns). “We were so psyched to finish Huffy after having given ourselves this formidable challenge of self-producing it and were fairly exultant with the end result,” Murray says, pointing out that the Covid lockdown prompted them to record it on their own in their Midtown Manhattan studio. “That euphoria gave us a burst of further enthusiasm that colored the songs we wrote after that that we turned into Lobes.” It also didn’t hurt that the later songs on the album were written when both members left Manhattan – Murray was living on Miami Beach for a year, “vibing really hard on that tropical scene” and Cain to Utah for a few months. “That change of scenery gave both of us a chance to clear our heads and get a little distance from what we’d been doing,” he says.

Brooklyn Made Show Poster

The lyrics for Lobes were written over a stretch of two to three years. Though the origins of the first songs began around the same time as Huffy, they exist in entirely different musical universes. Lobes is expected to see the lovable and dynamic duo at their most playful and creatively free, continuing to expand upon the band’s feel-good indie rock sound by exploring more of their own input on production. 

Murray says the album’s lead single “Operator Error” is the song that bridges Lobes with Huffy. “We consider Huffy our daytime record – it’s an upbeat rock album designed to soundtrack jetski rides to the Bahamas and piña colada in aquamarine-tiled jacuzzis. Our new album, Lobes, however, is our nighttime album. As the first song on the record, ‘Operator Error’ soundtracks that moment when you realize that all of those tiki cocktails you started drinking at 11:00am are going to give you a wicked hangover by sunset, and so your best bet is to just keep the party going, consequences be damned! Lobes is, overall, more electronic, dancier, more ominous, and way sexier than Huffy; ‘Operator Error’ kicks the door open into that seamy underworld.”  

Lobes Tracklist

1. “Operator Error
2. “Dispense With Sentiment”
3. “Human Resources”
4. “Lucky Just To Be Here”
5. “Turn It Up”
6. “Settled Accounts”
7. “Here Goes”
8. “Parachute”
9. “Less From You
10. “Miracle of ’22”  

Lobes by We Are Scientists is due out January 20, 2023 via Masterswan Recordings. Less From You is out now on all DSPs. The album is available to pre order from the band’s webstore, including on Limited Edition “Black Lobe in a Cathode Blue Bath” LP.  


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