Abraxas Season is Upon Us! And this year, there’s BOMBRAXAS

Abraxas Season is Upon Us! And this year, there’s BOMBRAXAS.

Abraxas is our imperial stout with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, cinnamon, and vanilla beans. We are very excited to share it with you, including a new variant this year, Bombraxas, a collaboration with Prairie Artisan Ales!

Bombraxas is an imperial stout with ancho chilis, cacao nibs, coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. It uses elements of Perennial and Prairie stout bases, with adjunct ratios different than original Abraxas. 11.5%

Here are the details regarding this year’s Abraxas season and packages.

We will be offering Abraxas package pre-sales beginning today. Abraxas packages are $115 (plus Oznr fees) and include:

1 bottle of Abraxas
1 bottle of Vanilla Abraxas 
1 bottle of Salted Chocolate Abraxas
1 bottle of Bombraxas
*All contain lactose. 

This pre-sale begins today and ends Thursday 11/10 at 4PM, or until sell out. Packages can be purchased through your Oznr account via app or web (link and instructions below). Abraxas week will kick off on Thursday, November 10th at 4PM. Packages will be available for pick-up at the brewery during normal business hours (Wed-Fri 4-910, Sat 12-10, Sun 12-6) from 11/10 through 11/23. Remaining packages will be available for purchase on site at the brewery.

If you would like someone else to pick-up your bottles, please be sure to assign them as proxy via Oznr. Proxies will not be allowed to claim packages that have not been assigned to them. One person can proxy for no more than five people, in addition to claiming their own bottles.

A limited amount of regular Abraxas bottles, as well as draft and merchandise, will be available on-site until sold out. Please stay tuned to our social media accounts, as we will post the draft schedule as soon as it becomes available. 

We will not be hosting individual bottle releases of the Abraxas variants. The only way to ensure you get all bottles of the Abraxas variants is to pre-purchase a package.

Abraxas will begin distribution in all of our markets at the end of November.  Please send questions to


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