UK Indie Rock Stalwarts VERNONS FUTURE To Release ‘Aquaplaning’ LP

UK indie rock stalwarts Vernons Future to release ‘Aquaplaning’ LP. Preview the lead track ‘Call To Arms’

Photo by Andy Harding

“A perfect collision of pop and rock, the band conveys beguiling charm, groove and melody, along with accessible sonics… a rock anthem that will get your blood flowing and delight your ear buds” ~ Amplify Music Magazine

aquaplane /ˈakwəpleɪn / verb / gerund or present participle: aquaplaning / (of a vehicle) slide uncontrollably on a wet surface. 

UK indie rock veterans Vernons Future will be releasing their new album ‘Aquaplaning’ in early October, using the lead-time wisely by previewing lead track ‘Call To Arms’. Perhaps their most overtly (small ‘p’) political song, it’s also a plea to save the planet. 

“It’s a challenge to all of us to open our eyes to the climate emergency, to join together to drive meaningful change to save the planet,” says frontman Simon Burchill.

Formed in Liverpool in the 1980s and originally known as The Vernons, the band toured the UK and also released the album ‘Smithdown Road’ in 1990 via the Probe Plus label, touted by Melody Maker as “a fine debut…in love with pop at its most unassuming and most charming”.

Call To Arms (lyric video)

In 2015, the band reincarnated as Vernons Future with original members Simon Burchill, Andy Harding, Jon Fiber and Tom Le Bas, joined by Simon’s school friend Simon ‘Hoops’ Hooper.

Effectively their second album, ‘Aquaplaning’ is essentially a compilation of the band’s singles from late 2019 onward, plus two new songs. Now split between Oxford and London, the band’s music puts a distinctive twist on the poppier end of the indie spectrum.

As part of their ongoing quest to write the perfect 3-minute indie pop song, Vernons Future uses their classic vox/ guitar/ keys/ bass/ drums setup to hone accessible earworm indie tunes with a particular sense of humour and good hooks.

“When we started playing together again in 2015, we weren’t sure if we would get to play gigs or release any music, so the last seven years have been a majorly fun surprise! We absolutely love playing live, and are lucky enough to be playing more gigs now. It’s quite amazing to be able to release our songs too. When we first played together back in the 80’s, streaming (and the internet!) wasn’t a thing. Our first album came out on vinyl and cassette, but was too early for CDs. So we’re buzzing to release our new album on CD,” says Andy Harding.

As of September 14, ‘Call To Arms’ is available via Bandcamp, where the full ‘Aquaplaning’ LP can already be pre-ordered on CD or as a digital download. The full ‘Aquaplaning’ album will be released on October 7. The band will also be playing a handful of concerts in September and October to celebrate the album’s release.

Simon Burchill – vocals, guitar
Jon Fiber – keyboards, vocals
Andy Harding – guitar
Simon ‘Hoops’ Hooper – bass
Tom Le Bas – drums
Recorded by Vernons Future at their studios in London and Oxfordshire
Mastered by Jon Fiber
Lyrics by Simon Burchill, except for ‘B Movie’ and ‘Seek Shelter Now’ (lyrics by Andy Harding)
Music by Vernons Future (Simon Burchill, Jon Fiber, Andy Harding, Simon Hooper, Tom Le Bas)
Single cover imagery by Alex Conchillos and Pixabay
Album cover by Andy Harding

1. Call To Arms
2. Just Can’t Help Myself
3. Holy Joe
4. Honeysuckle Love
5. Lights Have Changed
6. B Movie
7. Waiting At The Station
8. Seek Shelter Now
9. Just Can’t Help Myself (Lazarus Mix)
10. Disco Oasis (live in Leeds)

Sept. 23 – LONDON (SHOREDITCH) – Hoxton Underbelly
Oct. 22 – LONDON (CAMDEN) – Fiddler’s Elbow’
Oct. 29 – BELFAST – Pavilion Bar – Ormeau Road

XTC, Blur, Echo & The Bunnymen, Lightning Seeds, Teardrop Explodes, Teleman, The Howl & The Hum, Real Estate, Lloyd Cole

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