PLASTIC SOUL BOYS Release “Double A-Sided” Singles ‘Any Other Way/Dark End of the Street”

They’re Plastic Soul Boys. They Sing. They Play. They’re Gay.

They’d like to be part of your world, so here’s their “Double A-Sided” debut single, Any Other Way / Dark End of The Street, out NOW on all the usual platforms.

Recorded in their studio in the Hollywood Hills, they’ve taken a couple of R&B classics and given them a radical new spin. A bit like what Maneskin did with that old Four Seasons song, “Beggin”…although they don’t sound anything like them.

You can check them out on YouTube:
Any Other Way

Plastic Soul Boys "Any Other Way" (Official Video)

Dark End of The Street

Plastic Soul Boys "Dark End of the Street" (Official Video)

About Us:
Soul Boy #1 is from New York, has worked with Madonna and sang lead on a #1 single in the UK, but we won’t tell you which one. 

Soul Boy #2 is from London, and wrote a song that went to #1 in Japan, but we won’t give you the name of that one either. 

We’ll just let the music do the talking…

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