Daredevil and Spider-Man 3

If you follow Marvel Cinematic Universe rumors, you’ll see the news cycle full of “Kevin Smith says Daredevil is in Spider-Man 3” headlines. While that would be awesome, it’s really just a pipe dream at this point.

The notoriously inaccurate We Got This Covered website started spreading these rumors months ago. First they claimed he would show up in Spider-Man 3 or Dr. Strange 2 9 months ago. They followed it up 3 months later with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock will be Spider-Man’s lawyer.

There has been no confirmation that Marvel can even use the Defenders characters yet; Netflix and Marvel have been pretty tight-lipped about the arrangement of how they are moving forward. Many times, there are timeframes involved on when a licensed out character can be used outside of the agreement; that’s why it took a while to get Daredevil back on the screen after the 2003 movie, the Hulk hasn’t had his own movie since Edward Norton’s turn (Universal owns distribution rights to the character in solo movies), and Fox released their last Fantastic Four trainwreck (if they wouldn’t have released it, the character rights would have reverted back to Marvel).

This is no slight on Smith. He’s very up front in his podcasts about rumors and will even preface them with talk of websites running it as gospel because he’s said it. For the most part, many of the Daredevil and Spider-Man rumors always lead back to WGTC.

It’s the same site that claims Marvel wants Oscar Isaac back as Apocalypse (no one wants that), Alfred will die in the Batman (they won’t do that in the first movie of the new franchise), and the WB wants Ryan Reynolds back in the DCEU (unless he’s Barry Allen, he’s not a good fit). I’ve gotten to the point that if I see WGTC in a rumor link, I just pass; they get maybe 1 out of 20 rumors correct and just seem to throw theories against the wall to get clicks. If you don’t trust me on this, check Reddit.

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