A New Rey’s Parent Theory

Star Wars fans were throwing out tons of theories of who Rey’s parents were; we’d heard everyone from Luke and Obi-Wan as potential father to Sheev Palpatine. Fans were then “let down” when Kylo Ren declared that Rey knew her parents were no ones who sold her for drinking money.

This really let down fans, but there is speculation that even Kylo Ren didn’t know and was playing her emotions.

I like this idea and feel like we could tied this to other Star Wars material.

When Star Wars: Rebels ended, young Jedi Ezra Bridgers disappeared into unknown space with a group of purgills and Grand Admiral Thrawn. The epilogue of the series showed that Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren went to find Bridgers after the Empire was defeated.

The writers of the series have not confirmed where Bridgers and Thrawn are at, but here is one theory:

Where In The Galaxy Is Ezra Bridger - Finally Solved?

Now, I think the Unknown Regions could make some sense here; we don’t know the distance a purgill can travel through hyperspace. If they could travel across the core systems, there is no reason they couldn’t have ended up across the galaxy from Lothal. The Unknown Regions are also close to Jakku, which brings me to my theory:

Ezra Bridgers is Rey’s father.

Bridgers could be stranded on a remote planet with Thrawn; he could very easily match up with a local of the primitive culture. They could mate and have their child kidnapped by Thrawn and the Chiss (his people in the Unknown Regions) and ends up being left on Jakku. This is where another novel character comes in: Eli Vanto. Vanto was Thrawn’s interpreter when he first joined the Empire and learned tactics from Thrawn.

I always felt like Vanto was a good person, as he noted issues with the Empire’s rule, and seeing a child kidnapped would definitely be something that pushed him from Thrawn; he could take the child to Jakku to so she couldn’t be a pawn in Thrawn’s games.

There are plenty of details that can be added from canon media, which Disney is not afraid to use in the movies at this point. Many of the novels explain plot points of the movies and they even went as far as using robot legged Darth Maul as the leader of the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn (the story of Maul surviving The Phantom Menance was explained in the Clone Wars, Rebels, and the Son of Dathomir comic).

This is really a stretch for a theory but something I would enjoy seeing.

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