Shooting Down Some Walking Dead Rumors

As many people know, there was a “major death” on Walking Dead this past Sunday, but many people are questioning whether that character is really dead or not. I’m in the “not dead” category and will explain why; I’ll also shoot down another theory about why the character is not dead.

So, if you haven’t watched the latest episode, don’t go any further because it’ll be heavy with spoilers, for both the comic and the show. The comic spoilers deal with issue 100, which came out a while ago; they might not be considered spoilers for some, but others might have just picked up the book to catch up with the show. Really, I’m just stalling at this point so the character’s name doesn’t show up on the main page of the site.

Glenn is not dead, and he’ll somehow get out of his current predicament. Let’s look at some of the rumors as to why he is or isn’t alive.

Glenn is dead.
We didn’t see Glenn die. We saw Nicolas’s body fall on top of his and can assume that the ripped apart body is that of Nicolas.

First off, his name wasn’t listed on the Talking Dead’s “In Memoriam” after the episode. That is a pretty good indicator. They’ve had every major and minor character death on the show, including walkers. If Glenn would have died, he’d have been mentioned.

Secondly, he’s got a bigger role to play based off his comic book death. If/When Negan shows up, worry for Glenn. His comic death was probably the hardest to deal with from the source material; I would guess they’d want the same effect in the show.

Nicolas dreamt it.
While this is a popular theory and could make sense, I’m not buying it. People believe that Nicolas imagined the whole thing because he was staring off into space multiple times in the show. There was also the fact that he emptied his clip into the oncoming hoard of walkers and didn’t replace it; he could not have shot himself since he didn’t reload.

Here’s the 2 flaws with this theory. The show never showed what Nicolas was thinking earlier in the episode when he was staring off into space. They probably would have shown his daydreams earlier. Changing it here doesn’t make sense.

Secondly, he was listed on “In Memoriam” on Talking Dead. If it was just a day dream, he’d not have been shown and they would have stuck with the “Did that just happen?” post-script that they implied for Glenn.

My Theory
Glenn is under Nicolas and I think Jesus will somehow save him. For those that don’t read the comic, Jesus is the Alexandrian that brings in new residents, which is the role that Aaron was playing on the show (I’m guessing Jesus might have been more of a long range scout for the group). This idea also explains the set photo of Jesus and Glenn together.

I think Glenn will be around for most of the season, until Negan is introduced.

I also think this won’t be resolved this week; they’ll probably focus on Alexandria in the next episode forcing the Glenn story to wait an extra week.

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