Link Roundup: Walking Dead Beer, Craft Beer Week, Mashups

Just a few links heading into the weekend.

The Walking Dead
The Beer Street Journal is reporting that Skybound Entertainment (Robert Kirkman’s company) and Terrapin Beers are partnering for a Walking Dead Beer. The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA will be released in the near future.

The beer will be released in 22 oz. Bomber bottles and be on draft. The ABV will be 6.70%.

That bottle would be a nice addition to my collection.

St. Louis Craft Beer Week
Tomorrow starts St. Louis Craft Beer Week; the link has plenty of activities across the city and county linked to craft beer – both from town and out of town.

I’m planning on hitting a couple of events near me. It’d be nice to find some free samples of stuff that we can’t normally get.

A Rap/Baseball Mash-up
I’m a fan of mash ups. The Wugazi mash-up is probably one of the greatest albums in my regular rotation; the Danger Mouse/Jay Z Gray Album is another one.

Mixing music and baseball…even better. Straight Outta Cooperstown takes classic baseball cards and photoshops rappers onto them. My favorites are probably Lou Brock Shakur and Phil Rzato.

Song of the Day
We featured Greek Fire on one of our podcasts; here’s an acoustic version of Top of the World:

Greek Fire - Top of the World

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