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Link Roundup: Spider-Man, Comic Cons, Ferris Bueller

Spider-Man and Marvel
Spider-Man director Jon Watts has given a few tidbits about the upcoming reboot. First off, there will be no origin story; smart move on their part, as we’ve seen the origin story twice on screen. Like the Incredible Hulk did, it’s possible to make a good movie with the knowledge that people know how the character got his powers.

Secondly, Watts confirmed that Peter Parker will be 15 years old. They are saying the movie will be a “coming-of-age high-school movie”. That’s one aspect of the character we haven’t seen yet, since the first series focused little on Peter’s school life and the second series focused more on his relationship with Gwen.

Why Comic Cons are Worth Checking Out
Inside Pulse looks at the upcoming Rose City Comic Con. Grainbelt focuses on 3 areas: signatures, panels, and hunting for hidden gems.

I’ve gradually cut back on signatures in general. I’d come back from Chicago with 20-30 signed books when we used to go; now I’ll take a couple to get signed at the local cons (like Project Comic Con next month). The gems are my favorite part though. I love finding discounted trades of stuff I’ve never read; I’ve found a lot of good books that way.

Ferris Bueller is the Next Mario
Remember your original NES? Remember a Ferris Bueller game? No, but the guys at CineFix created an 8-bit version of the movie.

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