The Nyrdcast Podcast Episode 9: The Dad Bod Strikes Back

Episode 9 has the full crew and we hit on a variety of topics.

Joe Dust recaps Lollapalooza and talks about his traveling partner. Matt and Jay talk about the Greek Fire/Taking Back Sunday concert and the run in with the smedium shirts.

We discuss some local topics: the one year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting, a dead body found in the Mark Twain Hotel, a body found off a highway, and Sound Guy Steve winning $540 at the roulette table. There is some football talk as well.

We close the show talking about exercise and health, body shaming, and the problem with the idea of the “Dad Bod”.

The unofficial beer sponsor is 4 Hands Brewing; we drank the Resurrected IPA and the Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown.

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Man Kicked in Head by Train Conductor:

Kicked in the head by a train

Man Punches Cobra:

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