Indie-Folk Artist BOULDER FIELDS Croons A Call To Seize The Day On ‘Horse In A Sling’


Indie-folk artist BOULDER FIELDS croons a call to seize the day on ‘Horse In a Sling’. Debut album ‘With All The Other Ghosts’ is out now

“Combines Scottish folk with Americana and indie, creating an engaging, stirring musical blend… gorgeous, timeless music that comes highly recommended” ~ Americana UK

“Upbeat and infectious with a feel-good vibe. A catchy melody, constructed at the crossroads of folk, rock and pop, this is an earworm to leave you grinning as you grab a pint or the hand of your partner for a hearty dance” ~ The Spill Magazine

Boulder Fields

Edinburgh-based folk-rock troubadour Boulder Fields presents ‘Horse In a Sling’, a wise tale about life’s troubles and resistance to surrender. Lifted from his debut album ‘With All The Other Ghosts’, newly released via Scottish indie imprint Let There Be Numbers, this is a testament to the notion that life’s greatest affirmations can emanate from the most humble songsmiths.

Boulder Fields revolves around Scottish singer-songwriter Cam Fraser, formerly of Borrowed Books and 80s punk legends The Cateran, who came to reach a wider audience by touring with Nirvana on the 1989 UK tour that led to the American grunge legends’ big break. Between his two bands, Cam Fraser has toured or performed with The ProclaimersTad and Grant Hart (Husker Du).

Decades spent weaving folk, Americana and indie rock into the fabric of his music have cemented him as a voice of the people.  This engaging, stirring tapestry found on this album is largely acoustics, these 11 thoughtful tracks featuring endearing minimalistic arrangements. Yet the fierce intensity of his performance recalls Fraser’s punk history.

“A while back, I found an old photograph of a packhorse being lowered into the cargo hold of a military supply ship, an innocent creature on its way to the unimaginable horrors of war. I took a photo with my phone and carried that image around with me for years,” says Cam Fraser about the origins of ‘Horse In a Sling’.

“Someone very close to me found themselves in a terrible position and things looked especially bleak for them. They struggled for a while, but they were well and truly stuck there. Dangling. No longer in control. I wanted them to believe that there was always hope, always a chance things could somehow work out. Holding onto that belief is what the song is about. In a way, they did find a way to hold on and find their own way forward. At least for a while. We talked about this stuff but I never let them hear the song. I wish now I had.”

Boulder Fields 'Horse in a Sling'

About the video, Fraser adds, “It was a wet old day. I was staying in the House in the Woods, with two of my oldest friends in their very lovely house. They’ve got some luxury cabins and a cosy, little cottage you can rent out if you’re ever venturing up to the wilds of Glencoe. Two of the very nicest people you will ever meet.”

Boulder Fields

On this debut album, Cam (vocals, guitar) is joined by long-time collaborator Aly Barr (bass, vocals) and the talented Suzy Cargill (drums, vocals). Since Boulder Fields’ debut performance at 2022’s Belladrum Festival, they’ve played several very well-received shows around Edinburgh, some as a three-piece and some with the extended line-up.

This album also features Jamie Watson, who Cam first worked together in the 1980s. Perhaps best known for producing Snow Patrol and The Vaselines, Watson is former owner of Chamber Studio and a member of influential Scottish bands The Monos, The Solos and The Persian Rugs. Contributing acoustic guitar on several tracks, he also helped create the final mix.

Boulder Fields has shared two singles from this album – the rockier uptempo lead track ‘Measures’ and ‘Wipe Out The Stars’, inspired by his love for and attachment to his hometown of Edinburgh.

‘With All the Other Ghosts’ is out now digitally from fine music outlets, including Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Music and lyrics written by Cam Fraser (PRS / BMI)
Cam Fraser – vocals, acoustic guitar
Aly Barr – acoustic bass, vocals, piano
Suzy Cargill – drums, percussion, mandolin, vocals
Richie Werner – organ
Jamie Watson –  acoustic guitar, mixing support
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Richie Werner at B&B Studios
Album cover design & artwork by Cam Fraser
Front cover photography by John MacPherson
Catalogue No: LTBNLP703
Videos by Cam Fraser


  1. Conmemorativo
  2. Measures
  3. Wipe Out the Stars
  4. Horse in a Sling
  5. Strings
  6. Rescue Dog
  7. Take Off
  8. Light Like a Knife
  9. Can’t Even Say
  10. Marieke
  11. Wool Pulled Down

FOR FANS OF: Jason Molina, Jeff Tweedy / Wilco, Gillian Welch, Felice Brothers, Conor Oberst, Silver Jews / Purple Mountains, Waxahatchee, Will Jonson, Cat Power, Vic Chesnutt

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