Vancouver Skatepunk Band THE CORPS Unveils New LP ‘Fractured Protocol’ Ahead of 2024 Tours


Vancouver, Canada Skatepunk Band The Corps Unveils New LP ‘Fractured Protocol’

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Upcoming Tours with Darko, Authority Zero

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“Raw, aggressive punk fueled by a driving beat, loud guitar, strong lyrics.”- Haiku Reviews

The Corps

“…a maniacal mosh-pit anthem…”- Sound Read Six

“The Corps have always been a class above, a little under the radar perhaps, but “From Oblivion” rather neatly proves their skill again.”- Maximum Volume Music

Vancouver, BC – Canadian skatepunk outfit THE CORPS (Thousand Islands Records) have unveiled the new LP ‘Fractured Protocol’.

The release marks the first new music since the addition of new members, Vancouver punk rock veterans Morgan Farrell (ATD, Blacked Out, Bishops Green) on guitar, and Dave Derksen (ATD, Little Fix, Whiskey River Gun Club) on bass.

Stream ‘Fractured Protocol’ here:

Darko/The Corps

The band says, “The general theme surrounding ‘Fractured Protocol’ is the paralyzing frustration we all face when we’ve done everything correctly, adamantly working towards our goals and dreams, just to have life step in and say “No.” How we deal with that differs vastly and I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong way. The desperation of trying to hold on could be the most distinctive human trait, this is the feeling we are trying to relay.”


  • Dan Garrison – Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Morgan Farrell – Guitar, Vocals
  • Dave Derksen – Bass, Vocals
  • Dan Stenning – Drums, Vocals

Catch The Corps on the road in May with Darko and in June with Authority Zero.

Authority Zero/The Corps

The Corps is a melodic skatepunk band from Vancouver, Canada. Examining personal and societal issues through the lens of the DC comic book universe, the band has seen international success with their unique lyrical content. Told from the perspective of heroes and villains alike, each song contains a fantastical tale that encourages repeat listens and exploration into the featured themes.

Initially self-releasing two EPs, In Brightest Day (2015) and In Blackest Night (2016), The Corps released their first full-length album Tales From 2814 (2018) to great acclaim on Montreal’s Thousand Islands Records. The art for all three releases was crafted by famed comic artist Troy Nixey, an extreme point of pride for the band.

The Corps emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic with an EP entitled From Oblivion (2022), helping solidify a partnership with Merit-Based Booking and a subsequent European tour in 2023.

The Corps have had the honour of playing alongside many of their biggest influences including Propagandhi, Mad Caddies, Belvedere, Satanic Surfers, D.O.A., Chixdiggit, Gob, and The Dreadnoughts, to name but a few. They have graced many festival stages, such as the Mad Ones Festival in Luxembourg, Pouzza Fest in Montreal, and headlined the SoGnar Festival in Calgary.

The Corps are very excited for the upcoming year, as their much anticipated sophomore album will be released this year on Thousand Islands Records. Watch for the band on an Eastern Canada tour with Darko and a Western Canada tour with Authority Zero, in May and June, respectively.

The Corps

‘Dog of War” Lyrics:

I’ll strip the bone of flesh
Bark ‘til there’s nothing left
I’m waiting in the dark
My bite it leaves a mark
Attracted to the gun
I know I’m not your son
It’s chaos inside
Saw it coming at me faster than a light ray
My reaction no intent just straight up blind rage
I’ll take the throat
This can happen when you don’t know where you come from
Does it ever pass with time or father to son
I’ll take the heart

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