ARCHER MARSH’s Cover Of Pitbull’s Song “Give Me Everything” Goes Viral For Netflix’s Bridgerton


Composer Archer Marsh’s Cover of Pitbull’s Song “Give Me Everything” goes viral For Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 3 Soundtrack

Stream Archer Marsh’s cover of Pitbill’s “Give Me Everything” Here

“This orchestral Pitbull cover from ‘Bridgerton’ has gone viral.”- NME

“This again shows the world how music is the international language that transcends over boundaries more so how a hit song can remain timeless.”- Pitbull

Los Angeles, CA – BMG Production Music + Creative Synch teamed up to lend a track to the recently released soundtrack to the third season of the Netflix hit show Bridgerton. The team brought on superstar composer Archer Marsh to produce a stripped down cover of Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything”, as part of the special co-lab initiative. The instrumental soundtrack also features orchestral covers of hits made popular by artists like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, BTS, Sia, Nick Jonas, Pitbull and more.

Since its May 16th release, the “Give Me Everything” cover has become a viral phenomenon across social media, sparking TikTok videos of fan reactions and fans dancing to the track. The track, which scores the long-awaited “carriage scene” in the show, has fans abuzz. Excited fans’ reaction videos have flooded Instagram and TikTok with reels using the cover as background track. Composer Archer Marsh’s Spotify listeners also saw major growth now over 900,000 monthly listeners.

Executive producer Ali Pistoresi brought in Archer Marsh to create the neo classical album covering BMG works, titled Sequens.

Archer Marsh, says, “Getting to re arrange Pitbull’s ‘Give Me Everything’ was so much fun! A fantastic track, with a bunch of energy! To have it used on Bridgerton is so cool! I’m grateful to everyone involved who has made that happen!’”

Bridgerton Music Supervisor, Justin Kamps tells Netflix’s ‘Tudum’“I think everyone was a little bit shocked that they were so in love with this Pitbull song cover for this sequence, of all things,”. But the song is amazing, and it has this great build to it, and that’s what the scene really needed. It needed this anticipation and then an explosion into the main chorus of the song as we see what’s happening on-screen.”


Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell tells TV Guide“Justin Kamps, who’s our Music Supervisor, at the beginning of the season gave me a playlist with a bunch of new string versions of pop songs. And I heard that song not knowing what the song was at first, and I just thought it was so perfect for the scene because the carriage scene is the climax — pun intended, I suppose — of multiple years of longing and friendship and unrequited love.

“And so that moment needed to feel like it had this giant crescendo to it. And we had tried out a couple other softer romantic songs, but none of them felt like they played that build in the right way. And that Pitbull song, I don’t remember being a huge fan of it when it was out. But now I’m obsessed with it.”

Ali PistoresiSr. Director, Creative Production, BMG Production Music, says “Finding something that resonates broadly but has been modernized or redone in an unexpected way can be incredibly nostalgic and often times, really fun to see in a show or film! “Give Me Everything” is led by an intimate arrangement of cello, violin and viola. “Give Me Everything” was such a natural choice to reimagine instrumentally all thanks to the uplifting vibes that encapsulate Pitbull, along with Afrojack’s rhythmic perfection and Ne-Yo’s and Nayer’s gorgeous melodies. The energy in this tune is really up there!”

Amberly Crouse, VP of Production Music US says, “Musical collaborations like this underscore the profound power of music when paired with captivating visuals. The combination of story and sound evokes emotions that transcend the ordinary, and we are fortunate to contribute to such remarkable work in our industry.”

Stream Archer Marsh’s “Give Me Everything’ (Stripped) from the Bridgerton Season 3 soundtrack HERE.

Archer Marsh
Photo Courtesy of Archer Marsh

About Archer Marsh:
Archer Marsh is an artist whose focus is redesigning existing music for a fresh, new and unexpected interpretation. With a unique blend of virtuosic playing and modern production ability, he loves to take existing songs or pieces of music up or down a level and turn them into something totally new, contrasting and often times visceral, cinematic and anthemic.

He has stood in front of orchestras for almost 30 years, and that coupled with his songwriting and technical skills in the studio, allow him to experiment in merging genres and pushing boundaries. His mantra is to be open and always strive for growth, and this allows him to carve out his creative ideas, and to be brave with a willingness to fail.

His musicianship and production ability combine to bring a dynamic that is contagious, and he surrounds himself with the best musicians and producers in the world. Being a musician first has provided the backbone for his work, and understanding the orchestra and how to create emotion is his passion. He says, “I love music, anything that creates a feeling in me.. an emotion, that’s what music is, and what it does, it’s my life blood, it’s what I’m bound to’ Archer Marsh.”

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