Nuremberg Germany’s MELONBALL Release Acoustic EP ‘eup•nea’


Nuremberg Germany’s Melonball Release Acoustic EP ‘eup•nea’

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An intimate take on their speedy punk rock sound. Featuring insightful acoustic versions of five tracks from their debut album ‘Breathe’, they bring a fresh perspective without sacrificing the energy of their political message and social criticism.

“Skate Punk is time resistant, powerful and straight to the point in the modern scene and it is bands such as Melonball that toast a rich legacy as they hurtle forth into the future.” – Ear Nutrition

“Melodic and angsty throughout…I was surprised at how this song stuck with me for a while after listening. Fans of never-let-up melodic punk rock will likely find something to like here.”- That’s Good Enough For Me

“An Absolutely Melodic Gem”- The Whole Kameese

Nuremberg Germany’s Melonball have released the new acoustic EP titled eup•nea.

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With the release of the eup•nea EP, Melonball invites listeners into an intimate exploration of their traditionally speedy and punchy punk rock sound. This release unveils a thoughtful twist with insightful acoustic versions of five tracks sourced from their debut album, Breathe. In this acoustic journey, Melonball presents a fresh perspective that navigates the delicate balance between mellowness and the spirited energy inherent in their punk roots.

What sets this EP apart is its ability to deliver a more nuanced and introspective view without diluting the potency of the band’s poignant political messages and social criticism. This EP shows Melonball’s artistic skill and proves that even in the unplugged realm, the passion of their rebellious spirit remains undiminished.

Melonball is:

  • Oli (lead vox)
  • Basti (guitar + backing vox)
  • Mally (guitar + backing vox)
  • Jens (bass)
  • Jonny (drums)

Melonball continues their European tour through August.

  • 13 April – Nuremberg DE#
  • 14 April – Munich DE#
  • 19 April – Wolfsburg DE
  • 20 April – Bielefeld DE
  • 27 April – Limen Boomstick CZE*
  • 11 May – Fight Back DE*
  • 17 May – TBA DE
  • 18 May – TBA DE
  • 19 May – TBA DE
  • 31 May – Fuerth DE*
  • 01 June – TBA DE
  • 14 June – TBA DE
  • 28 June – Greehell DE*
  • 29 June – Mission Ready DE*
  • 30 June – TBA DE
  • 01 July – TBA DE
  • 03 July – TBA AUT
  • 13 July – TBA DE*
  • 19 July – Seepogo DE*
  • 30 Aug – TBA DE*

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