This Week On DC Universe Infinite Ultra: 03/19/2024


DC Universe Infinite has a same day release and more Joker: Year One this week.

We get an ape filled, same day release book this week, along with a lot of the Bat-Family. There is also a Black Label John Constantine book out, which looks really cool.

DC Universe Infinite: Ape-ril Special #1
  • Ape-Ril Special #1 (03/19/2024)
  • Batman #144 (02/20/2024)
  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #23 (02/20/2024)
  • Catwoman #62 (02/20/2024)
  • Green Lantern: War Journal #6 (02/20/2024)
  • John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead In America #2 (02/20/2024)*
  • Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #5 (02/20/2024)
  • Nightwing #111 (02/20/2024)
  • Superman #11 (02/20/2024)
  • Superman vs Meshi #19
  • Titans #8 (02/20/2024)
  • Wonder Woman #6 (02/20/2024)

* Black Label

Ape-Ril Special is an all ape superhero book. Batman is part 3 of Joker: Year One. Batman/Superman: World’s Finest ends the arc that took us back to Kingdom Come. Nightwing starts a new arc where he can’t jump. Superman vs Meshi is this week’s manga book. Titans moves into the post-Beast World era.

Only 2 new trades on the app:

  • Kingdom, The: The 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
  • Knight Terrors: Knightmare League

And here are last week’s reviews:

  • Batman #143: Part 2 of Joker: Year One and it’s better than the first. You get to see Joker work on becoming a more dangerous version of himself and how he tries to play Batman. And it all plays on everything that Zdarsky has been setting up since Batman: The Knight. B+.
  • Batman And Robin #6: While most of the Bat-books deal with the villain of the week (or arc), this is more about the relationship between Bruce and Damian. There are some feel good moments between the 2 this issue. There is also the needed action and mystery tied to Batman. My only gripe is the art; while it’s not terrible, it didn’t fit with the action panels of the book. It’s a cartoony style that worked much better for the Bruce/Damian aspect of the book. Still, it’s worth reading. A-.
  • Outsiders #4: This is Batman/Red Hood’s Outsiders mixed with Planetary. It’s really weird but still gives that superhero vibe. This deals with the new Jenny Sparks (here called Jenny Crisis – taking a Wildstorm concept and DC-ing it up) as she learns to deal with her powers. The Drummer is an interesting character, because we know nothing of her; it’s a stark contrast from Batwoman and Luke Fox. These are fun books that are different than reading a Batman book. A-.
  • Red Hood: The Hill #1: The Red Hood leads the local vigilantes of the Hill to fight anyone moving into their neighborhood. It’s hard to tell who the big baddie is, so it’s hard to see where this is going (other than Red Hood pushing the vigilante boundaries). I also know this takes place after Joker War, but does it take place before Gotham War? Does Jason still have a fear toxin in him? We aren’t clear on the timeline. C.

Next week could see some non-Bat-Family reviews. Check back then.

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