This Week On DC Universe Infinite Ultra: 03/12/2024


14 new books and 4 trades on the DC Universe Infinite App this week, along with 3 mini-reviews of last week’s books

A great mix of books this week, with a heavy dose of the Bat-Family. They also added some trade, Bat-heavy again. I’m not complaining though, because that’s my bread and butter for DC books. The beauty of the app (and Marvel’s too) is that I can explore other area’s that I don’t read much.

This Week On DC Universe Infinite: Sinister Sons #1
  • Action Comics #1062 (02/13/2024)
  • Batman #143 (02/13/2024)
  • Batman And Robin #6 (02/13/2024)
  • Batman: City of Madness #3 (02/13/2024)
  • Batman: Justice Buster #9 (03/13/2024)
  • Blue Beetle #6 Eng/SP (02/13/2024)
  • Green Lantern #8 (02/13/2024)
  • Joker: One Operation Joker #19 (03/13/2024)
  • Mad Magazine #36 (02/13/2024)
  • Outsiders #4 (02/13/2024)
  • Red Hood: The Hill #1 (02/13/2024)
  • Sinister Sons #1 (02/13/2024)
  • Speed Force #4 (02/13/2024)
  • Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #5 (02/13/2024)

Batman: City of Madness is a Black Label, mature readers book edging to the horror aspect of the character. Blue Beetle is released as both English and Spanish books. Batman: Justice Buster and Joker: One Operation Joker are Manga books. Sinister Sons is almost a companion book to Super Sons, featuring the sons of Sinistero and Zod.

And more trades have dropped to the app:

  • Batman and Robin Vol 1 (Tomasi/Gleason/Gray/Kalisz – 02/13/2024)
  • Batman: Detective Comics Vol 2: Gotham Nocturne Act I (Spurrier/V/Reis/Albuquerque – 02/13/2024)
  • Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3 (Burnett/Dini/Templeton/Kubina – 02/13/2024)
  • Knight Terrors: Dark Knightmares (Cloonan/Williamson/Howard/Watters/March/Hairsine/Lafuente/Leiz – 02/13/2024)

Here are the reviews of last week’s books; 2 were from the app and 1 was a floppy I had picked up:

  • Batman #142: Part 1 of The Joker: Year One and it ties in big time to Batman: The Knight, also by Chip Zdarsky. It’s part origin story and part current day; it’s a little confusing at time and I wasn’t a huge fan of part one (it gets better). This run of Batman has probably been my favorite since the Scott Snyder New 52 run. Grade: C.
  • Birds of Prey #6: Birds of Prey has been a fun book and this is the final part of their first arc. The Birds are trying to rescue Sin from Themyscira and a potential world ending possession of her. It’s been a fun book and the conclusion works for the story. It also sets up arc 2 dealing with Barbara Gordon, which is a plus. Grade: B.
  • Red Hood: The Hill #0: This set up issue deals with the fallout of the Joker War, and I couldn’t quite tell if this is current day, more messed up in the head Jason Todd (see Gotham War). It does establish Red Hood working with the Hill’s local neighborhood watch, which is pretty much the community acting as vigilantes. Interesting book and I’ll give it a shot. Grade: C+

Check back next week for the new books and more reviews.

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