The Nyrdcast Podcast 167: I Go…Huh


The Nyrdcast Podcast, the home of questioning casting rumors.

After a week where kids derailed recording an episode, Matt and Jay are back.  They get into books this week, starting with Project: Hail Mary by Andy Weir.  They shift to some Star Wars books (and movie rumors) and Mark Twain.  They jump to comics, where gets into Batman: Knightfall and they discuss Robert Kirkman.  They finish with 2 weeks of homework, including Samaritan, Cherry, Ghosted, Air, Tetris, The Son, Good Nurse, and more.

This week’s beers were Arch City Haze from Bluewood Brewing and OJ Run from Narrow Gauge Brewing.

Nyrdcast Podcast Beer

This week’s featured song was Tiny Bodyguard by Superbloom.  You can find them at:
Instagram | Youtube | Facebook

The intro music was The Mad Dog Remix of The Other Side by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it was created by Madelyn Tierney.

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