IGLU & HARTLY Release New Single “Flash Bang” Ahead Of August 4 London Show


Iglu & Hartly Release New Single “Flash Bang”

Aug 4th UK (London) Show Announced

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Iglu & Hartly album cover

“Flash Bang,” the newest offering from perennial indie pop outfit Iglu & Hartly, has singer/producer Jarvis Anderson take us on a wild ride through a relationship rocked by a bombshell. Told amongst a backdrop of thumping drums, warm and beautiful analog synth lines noodle highly rhythmic verses as the song explodes into visceral and undeniable choruses (“If it’s easy, it’s too good to be true”).

At times part Doobie Brothers, 80’s hard rock, and a spattering of signature precision rapping, “Flash Bang” is an eccentric mix of styles and flavors that only Iglu & Hartly can make taste this good.

“Flash Bang” began as a song that Jarvis had originally written for another project with collaborators Brandon Eisenbeis and Dave Orton.

He recalls, “The song always had a place in my mind. I’ve thought about it often and it felt amazing to revisit it with Iglu & Hartly energy.”

Jarvis brought the song to the finish line with Ethan Kaufaman and Will Brierre at The Arcade in Sunland, CA.

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Upcoming Show:
Iglu & Hartly play London August 4th 2023 at the o2 Academy in Islington.

Iglu & Hartly BEGINNINGS
Formed in the foothills of Colorado by singer/writer/producer Jarvis Anderson, The indie pop group Iglu & Hartly began as friends who heeded the call west to Los Angeles. The synth-heavy group cut its teeth simultaneously in the glitter and grime of Y2K Hollywood and found itself an unlikely home in the punk rock legacy of Hermosa Beach, CA. These early California experiences inspired their 2008 debut record ‘& Then Boom,’ which included the worldwide hit “In This City.”

Iglu & Hartly

A consummate entertainer, whose visceral stage presence and frontman chops drove the band to play main slots at prestigious festivals Coachella and Isle of White, Jarvis Anderson describes his sound as having a bit of everything- rapping and singing, synths, guitars, 80’s style soundscapes. ‘I think that’s why Iglu & Hartly attracts music fans with eclectic taste”, Jarvis concludes.

The band, known for its raucous, sweaty, and widely packed shows, toured the UK and Europe extensively before being unceremoniously dropped by their record label causing members to go their separate ways. Iglu & Hartly lay dormant for 10 + years before headlining the Hermosa Beach Summer Series music festival in 2019. Jarvis resurrected Iglu & Hartly in 2019, first by headlining the Hermosa Beach Summer Series and then releasing new music with the single “Cooler” which rose to #1 on the Los Angeles World Famous KROQ for an incredible 8 weeks in a row in December of 2020.

Iglu & Hartly RE-BORN
The revival wasn’t all smooth sailing though, as Jarvis fought to preserve Iglu & Hartly catalogue that was seemingly falling off the Internet.

Yes, this could go under as a musician’s worst nightmare. Iglu & hartly songs and videos inexplicably started disappearing from the internet. One fan commented “ It seems like the internet is trying to delete Iglu & Hartly”. Jarvis Anderson, ‘Yeah…we have always been disruptive… you rather love us or hate us…. so maybe some streaming overlord was pressing delete somehow?” Jarvis joked with them in response.

But it was all business as Jarvis put on a detective hat and proceeded to untangle the web of past management, record labels, and distributors to get to the bottom of the issue.

After getting dribbles of information in emails with lawyers and industry heads, Jarvis eventually found that an expired deal between past band management and a distributor resulted in the songs deleting in a mysterious one by one fashion, territory by territory. “Finally, I was given the rights back to the songs and was able to re-upload them to the services”.

Iglu & Hartly

Iglu & Hartly NOW.
“Todays Iglu & Hartly is more than a band – it’s an ideal. A musical embodiment of freedom. New music that drinks from the same well as before.”

Jarvis’s eccentric cocktail of sounds will continue to buzz with multiple anticipated single releases this summer starting with “Flash Bang” on May 19th and a full length offering in the fall. Iglu & Hartly plans to play live in select cities in the US/UK in the summer of 2023. On the upcoming August 4th London show at Islington Academy Jarvis gushes, “Come for the nostalgia and leave with new memories.”  

What others have said about Iglu & Hartly:
“A clap-happy, synth-pop track that embraces the notion of holding on to your dreams, the band chose to visualize the song with a new, silly lo-fi video that still manages to capture the fun vibes of the song.”- The Indy Review

“An anthem in the making”- NME

“Their debut is crisp electro-rock with a big hook in every tune…”- The Guardian

“Perfect for a summer beach day or even a long drive down the coast with the windows down and the music loud.”- Play Too Much

“This kitchen-sink hybrid works remarkably well.” – Q Magazine

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