MAGNETS FOR MANIACS Drop The Dynamic Single “827” Ahead of New Album


Magnets for Maniacs release their new single “827”

New album ‘Snakes And Cynics’ out May 11

Connecticut-based metal band Magnets for Maniacs is making waves in the music industry with its high-energy performances and unique blend of thrash, groove, and heavy metal. Founded five years ago by vocalist Jay Corradino and bassist Brandon Artz, the band has grown to include Justin Annello on drums and Anthony Barna on guitar, all sharing a passion for aggressive, hard-hitting music.

From the beginning, Magnets for Maniacs has been dedicated to creating powerful and meaningful music. Drawing inspiration from personal struggles and the world around them, the band’s music explores themes relatable to everyday people. Over the years, the band has developed a following in the Connecticut metal scene, playing shows and festivals throughout the state and beyond.

In 2018, Magnets for Maniacs released their debut single, “Headshot,” which received a tremendous response and was quickly followed by their self-titled EP. The band’s willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles while staying true to their roots has earned them a reputation for pushing the boundaries of the genre. This approach is evident in their latest single, “872,” released on April 11th, 2023.

Magnets For Maniacs - 872 (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) [2023]
Magnets for Maniacs single cover

The single, which showcases the band’s dynamic sound, was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick Bellmore at Dexter’s Lab, who has worked with metal bands such as Hatebreed and Toxic Holocaust. In addition, the music video for “872” was filmed and directed by Eric Dicarlo of Square Up Studios, perfectly capturing the raw energy and intensity of Magnets for Maniacs’ live performances.

But that’s only part of what the band has in store for fans. On May 11th, 2023, Magnets for Maniacs is set to release their latest album, “Snakes & Cynics.” The album promises to deliver even more of the band’s signature sound, with crushing and melodic tracks. With this latest release, Magnets for Maniacs continues to inspire and excite fans with their music and message, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Now is the time for those who have yet to experience the raw power of Magnets for Maniacs’ live shows. With a dedicated fan base and a reputation for putting on unforgettable performances, the band’s commitment to authenticity and willingness to take risks sets them apart from the rest. So watch for “Snakes & Cynics,” and catch them on tour.

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