QUEEN KWONG Reclaims Her Strength and Power in Provocative Video “The Mourning Song”

“Callaway is clearly channeling her recent physical and mental traumas, resulting in what sounds (and looks to be) her most visceral work yet.” – The A.V. Club

“Her vocals, which range from snarling to waif-like, loosing emotional carnage over often-harsh guitars, heavy synths and feedback, delicate one song and doomy the next. That her creative process is stubbornly stream-of-consciousness make Queen Kwong’s releases especially challenging” – 

“Carré Callaway’s tough-as-nails attitude mixes oddly with her esoteric innocence. You wouldn’t expect the freckled-face singer to lead a ‘visceral rock’ band named Queen Kwong.” – LA Weekly

“Singing through a stinging lyrical letter, it borders the delirium and darkness of divorce and finding a way out.” – Flaunt

“… an absolute shiver-inducing stunner, with its haunted, slow-build introduction, jarringly jagged grooves, and thundering, industrial-punk sonics.” BlackBook

“Carré Callaway’s latest is a brilliant testament to human endurance, to battling extreme adversity, to keeping going when you really don’t want to.” – FLOOD


“… a rejection of shame and the mass cultural gaslighting women endure.”



Filmed and Assembled By All Female/Non-Binary Cast and Crew

MARCH 21, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) – “‘The Mourning Song’ is probably the most personal and blunt song on the record, so I wanted the video to be equally as bold and vulnerable,” says the defiantly fearless Queen Kwong a.k.a. Carré Kwong Callaway about her latest single and provocative video.  Taken from her universally acclaimed third album, Couples Only (out now via Sonic Ritual), the slinky and empowering track finds Callaway at her most emotionally raw and pointed, exposing herself not as a victim but as the one with the last laugh.

Queen Kwong - The Mourning Song (Official Video)
QUEEN KWONG – “The Mourning Song”

Directed by queer director Tammy Sanchez, the video is sensual and alluring, portraying Callaway as a dancer in an exotic club. “I was a dancer in my early 20’s, and though I felt like it was incredibly empowering. Many people tried to make me feel ashamed for it,” she explains. “This video concept was born as a rejection of that notion. Originally, it was a rejection of shame and the mass cultural gaslighting women endure.”

It’s important to note that the cast and crew were non-male identifying. “Alongside director Tammy Sanchez, a queer, femme visionary, and an all-female and non-binary crew, we removed the male gaze and replaced it with pride,” she explains staunchly. “We shot the video at Hollywood’s famous bikini bar Jumbo’s Clown Room last summer, but its release was delayed because of recent legal action. Now that I’m on the other side of that, this video release means even more to me. It represents women’s power, artistic expression, and refusal to be quiet. It’s time to be fearless and proud.”  

Queen Kwong
Queen Kwong – Credit: Karin Catt

Adds director Sanchez, “Shame is a powerful tool used to silence people, especially women. When you factor in race, class, disability, queerness, the baffles become ever more oppressive. These systems rely on our shame and silence to exploit, abuse, and capitalize off of our bodies, art, style, and labor. I’ve chosen to cultivate a safe space for my voice and my collaborators by only working with women and non-binary crew. My voice is queer, femme, non-white, and disabled. A critical perspective, just like Carré’s. And just like her, I am not ashamed and won’t shut up.”

As mentioned above, the video’s release had been delayed by a court case well-documented by Rolling Stone which was ultimately dismissed without merit. Callaway’s statement at the time got to the bottom of it by stating, “This was an act of intimidation via a court system with the intent of disrupting my career and shutting me up. Which, unfortunately, is a common bullying tactic used by people in positions of power to evade accountability and intimidate women into silence.”

A celebration of her record Couples Only, her voice, and female power, “The Mourning Song” is the reclamation of her independence, her strength, and her vision. Described asa moment of necessary catharsis(The Line of Best Fit) and “a phenomenal record by an artist at the top of her creative game,” (FLOOD), Couples Only could be pinned as a divorce record, but it’s so much more. A fearless account of facing the worst betrayals and learning to accept devastating loss, it’s the story of Carré’s resounding resilience and unwavering talent.

The resulting record assembles a notable cadre of contributing musician friends including The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell (keyboards), Swanssuzette Kristof Hahn (lap steel) and Blood Red Shoes Laura-Mary Carter (backing vocals) who appear intermittently throughout the LP – it’s Carré setting the record straight, and this time around she’s taking no prisoners.  


Give it up
What’s left to hide?
Thought you said, “what’s yours is mine”
Back it up, back to your prime
When was that, maybe 1999?
You were onstage living a monkey-do life
Another day, another new disguise

Queen Kwong
Queen Kwong – Credit: Karin Catt

Read the room, projector
Feed the room
Read the room, projector
Read the room

In a sense, yeah you’re right
I’ve only ever loved one man and you weren’t that guy
But I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried
Now the tires lost air and Daisy diеd
The house was sold with all our things left insidе
You said it would be the end of my life
But at least I’m not dead inside


Mourning will break
Mourning will break
Mourning will break
Mourning will break your heart
Mourning will break your heart
Mourning will break your heart
Mourning will break your heart
Mourning will break your heart  

Queen Kwong album cover
Queen Kwong – Couples Only

Couples Only 

1. I Know Who You Are
3. Sad Man
4. Death In Reverse
5. The Mourning Song
6. No Rules
7. Stanley (RIP)
8. On The Run
9. Biggest Mistake
10. Giver Taker Faker
11. Without You, Whatever

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