THE STAYAWAKES Release ‘Dogs And Cats/Living Together’ Special Edition on January 20

THE STAYAWAKES Release ‘Dogs And Cats/Living Together’ Special Edition on January 20

In 2022 we introduced The Stayawakes to the pop community via their brilliant “Pop Dreamz” release.  “Dogs And Cats/Living Together” was originally a low-key release by the group in 2018, but we found it too great not to remain in obscurity! 

It’s an upbeat album full of harmonious melodies and punchy riffs.  From start to finish, the sweet vocals of lead singer Andrew Ricks bring the poetic and heartfelt lyrics to life. The catchy stylings of Peter Foulk on guitar, Steven Hart on drums, Jimmy Cooper on bass, and David Pryce on synth compliment Ricks’ flawless delivery of the bands signature sound. 

“They have perfected a delicately sweet blend of Replacements-esque grit and Lemonheads pop-fueled wanderlust that will make your heart swell. Successfully hooky and nostalgic for the early 00’s indie kids, the album is peppered with guitar solos (understated guitar/keyboard harmony solo in ‘Jake’ is glorious, as is the highly-textured freakout/fallout towards the end of ‘High School Weirdness’ and constant noodling in ‘Sophie’) but the real star of the album is the sheer craft of the pop songs and the serious dedication to the church of the pop album.” – Crash Doubt 

“Stuffed from start to finish with sun-kissed vocal melodies and shimmering guitar tones, ‘Dogs and Cats/Living Together’ is the epitome of the quintessential summer album that finds the band deftly blending 90’s pop rock with a hint of a slacker/college rock vibe, while at the same time incorporating elements of 80’s synth pop and 90’s alt rock. There’s nary a moment of filler thanks to the impeccable consistency and economy of the songwriting displayed throughout.  Anyone who likes their melodies sweet and more infectious than the plague in a medieval fish market will certainly get a kick out of this outstanding album!” –

The Kool Kat “Special Edition” tacks on 6 additional previously unreleased tracks (including a cover of Guided By Voices’ “Game Of Pricks”), to make a great record even greater!  Obscure no more!!

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