ALICIA BLUE Reimagines Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’

“Kicking off from her very first singles, the heart-shattering country crooners “Magma” and “Incognito” through deeper self-revelations and evaluations on her 2021 EP, Inner Child Work, Pt. 1, and recent singles “Young,” “Best Hands” and “I Want It Faster,” this is Alicia Blue’s moment in time.” – American Songwriter “16 Artists to Watch in 2023”

“Blue diverts from her folk roots, instead crafting her take on shimmering indie rock. Blue’s layered vocal harmonies and plaintive melodies steadily build into an emotive ballad, bolstered by iridescent guitar textures and cathartic lyrical confessions.” – Under The Radar

“hauntingly beautiful, and her vocals have an alluring Tori Amos or Kate Bush quality to them. The song has a dark-wave beat that gets you lost in the music. The picturesque lyrics linger.” – Riff Magazine

” … mystical and chill-inducing…. Raconteur and chanteuse of the people, Alicia Blue invents her own line of folk with every release.” – Grimy Goods

“…listening to her songs feels like being invited into her intimate diary, a world full of dreams and secrets.”  – Atwood Magazine –  2021 Artists to Watch

“Blessed with a rich, resonant voice, Alicia Blue invests every phrase of her songs with gutsy attitude.” – Music Connection


One of American Songwriter’s “16 Artists to Watch in 2023”
Reimagines the Fleetwood Mac Classic “Dreams”

Alicia Blue’s Inner Child Work Part 2 EP 
Out March 3rd via
Magnetic Moon 

January 27, 2023 (Nashville, TN) — “If I was ever stuck on a desert island and could only choose two songs to listen to for the rest of my days, they’d be ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac and ‘So What’ by Miles Davis. Both have a true hypnotic quality to them,” contemplates folk-pop siren Alicia Blue. Opting to cover the one most suited to her “hauntingly beautiful” (Riff Magazine) voice, Blue presents her “mystical and chill-inducing” (Grimy Goods) interpretation of “Dreams” which is available today, January 27th, 2023 on DSPs.

"Dreams" Single Artwork
“Dreams” Single Artwork

“‘Dreams’ transcends language through its stark lyricism. You don’t have to know what Stevie is singing about to connect to the depth of the experience. You’re just somehow part of it,” she describes.  

The “Dreams” cover is the latest single from the Los Angeles to Nashville transplant and comes in advance of her forthcoming EP, Inner Child Work PT. 2 (out March 3, 2023 via Magnetic Moon). As Rocking Magpie recently observed, “Blue could easily go the pop singer route—she has the voice for it and effortlessly writes sweet melodies.” 

“I get it, it’s a pretty bold choice. I suppose the rule is that if you can’t make it better don’t do it. But sometimes it’s a heart thing and you just have to go for it. This one kinda poured out of me,” Alicia confides. “I’ve never had a cover put me in my body like making ‘Dreams’ did. Perhaps I avoided it for years knowing how much it affected me. But I knew I had to present it to my producer, Dan Knobler, and his crew, to see what we could do with it. The people in the room were everything, which is why I think we succeeded with this one. Dan’s guitars, Jason Burger’s drums, and Will Honaker on bass and keys were a revelation. It’s a humble take, but also deadly serious and from my heart.”

“Dreams” follows the release of Alicia’s “I Want It Faster,” her most rocking single yet, and on the heels of “Best Hands” and “Young,” the latter of which features John Paul White of The Civil Wars who also co-wrote the track, collectively giving preview to the upcoming second half of Inner Child Work.

Her forthcoming Inner Child Work PT.2 is the latest installment in a creative exploration that’s built something broader than the hushed folk of 2020’s gorgeous Bravebird, a turn that’s caused American Songwriter to proclaim, “She’s stunning in her transformation from a dreaming poet to a living artist.” 

Inner Child Work Part 2 will be released on March 3, 2023 via Magnetic Moon.


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