THE WORKDAY RELEASE Debuts New Single “If It Buries Us Deeper”

The Workday Release Debuts New Single “If It Buries Us Deeper”

Singer-songwriter David Ottestad calls out “Christians” who seek to divide in the name of “speaking the truth”.

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Southern California singer/songwriter David Ottestad’s project The Workday Release has just released a new single “If It Buries Us Deeper” via ENCI Records.

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Of the chill, piano-driven track, Ottestad says, “I grew up in the Church and while my faith has remained an important part of my identity, I’ve become more and more frustrated with the culture and ideologies within American Christianity. “If It Buries Us Deeper” is about many Christians’ aggression online in the name of “speaking the truth”. These spaces ignore nuance, encourage escalation and rarely reward speaking like Jesus. I hope this is a song that can bring awareness to the fact that nothing resembling gospel value can be built by adding to the divisive noise of the internet.”

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