Northern England Alt-Pop Artist SICKY Presents ‘A Bite Without A Mark’ From Impending Album

Northern England alt-pop artist SICKY presents ‘A Bite Without A Mark’ from impending album

“This music is down-the-middle catchy and clever. It is, at the same time, gleeful, tuneful, and a hell of a lot of fun… recalls such artists as Gene, Manic Street Preachers, Muse and Super Furry Animals” ~ Amplify Music Magazine

“It’s pop, yes, but pop that comes from the streets, pop that has had a tough upbringing, pop with dirt on its face and blood on its knuckles” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

“There is something in the balance of weight and jauntiness, the lyrics that get deeper and darker the more you contemplate them, the fine line it walks between pop and a hard place, between edge and accessibility” ~ Dancing About Architecture

British alternative artist SICKY presents the single ‘A Bite Without A Mark’, a fun whimsical slice of his thickly layered sophomore album ‘Garbage Town’, following up earlier singles ‘Garbage Town’ and ‘The Bridge’.

Photo by Robin Firth and Helen Marshall

SICKY is the solo project of Mick Butler, his brand of melodic Britpop-infused indie rock spells good news for fans of Beck, Supergrass and early Blur. Originally from the Black Country region of England, he is now based in Shropshire.

“A Bite Without a Mark is a song about the figures you don’t see in the dark world out there – the guys who pull the strings from a secure and safe distance, not having to deal with the heartbreak and chaos of real lives being crushed,” says SICKY.

“This is a song about manipulation, control, the easing of people in a certain direction with a premeditated plan to make a buck long in place. Not a happy tune!”

Having played in various bands, ranging from the brass soaked pop of Papa Mantra to the dirty stomp of SUMO, now Mick Butler derives pleasure from banging out tunes and crafting new material. Literally everything you hear in his music is him squeezing noises out of anything that’ll sing.

A Bite Without A Mark

“Garbage Town is not a place – it’s a state of mind. The lyrics talk of breaking free and leaving all the bad stuff in your head behind. Feels like all roads have led to this album. I play and record/produce everything myself so I’m a bit like a decathlete… Quite good at a couple of things and pretty average at the rest. Hopefully it sounds like in your face dirty pop,” says SICKY.

Photo by Robin Firth and Helen Marshall

“The album continues the theme of shaking off dark days and making better things happen. It also includes songs that are just quirky bits of pop fun. Hopefully the album sounds uplifting despite some of the imagery.”

The new album is slated for release a year on from his lockdown album ‘Bowling Balls’, a collection that was partially inspired by Ray Bradbury‘s book ‘The Martian Chronicles’. This music is inspired by Prince and Bowie, perhaps in equal measure, as well as Nirvana, Supergrass, Blur, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Elvis.

As of October 26, ‘A Bite Without A Mark’ will be available across all good digital platforms, including via Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp, where the full ‘Garbage Town’ LP (out November 18) can already be pre-ordered.

Written by Mick Butler (SICKY)
Recorded, mixed and produced by SICKY in Shropshire
Mastering by Streaky at Streaky Mastering
Written & recorded in January 2022. Mixed in July 2022

1.  The Bridge
2.  Swim Shallow
3.  Beans
4.  None Of That
5.  A Bite Without A Mark
6.  Sleep On It
7.  Head First
8.  Protect Me Protect Mine
9.  Garbage Town
10. New Bones
11. Einstein’s Baby (Explicit lyrics)
12. Times Ten

Beck, Supergrass, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Muse, Ash, The Knack

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